How to Make Chilled Shrimp Cocktail

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Dinner and party guests love shrimp cocktail. By following a few simple directions, you can offer this simple appetizer that guests will be raving about. You will need some basic ingredients, a pot large enough to boil the shrimp, and several cocktail glasses or a large glass bowl. Chilled shrimp cocktail is easy, looks attractive, and goes with many other appetizers.

Preparing the shrimp

The shrimp will taste better if cooked with some basic vegetables and herbs. Add celery, lemon juice, onions, parsley, garlic, curry, or any other combination of herbs vegetables and herbs that provide subtle flavor. Boil the ingredients for about a half hour. Next, add the thawed shrimp and turn off the heat. Stir until the shrimp turn pink and begin to curl. Let the shrimp cool to room temperature then remove the peels and de-vein.

For a cool appetizer, refrigerate for at least a half hour, or while the cocktail sauce is being prepared. There are several cocktail sauce preparations readily available. However, if you want something you’ve created yourself or simply want to add a personal touch, you can make the sauce with a few key ingredients.

You can use ketchup, horseradish, and lemon juice. For additional spice, you can add crushed red pepper or hot sauce. You may even want to give guests a choice. The cocktail sauce can also be refrigerated until ready to serve.

Preparation of the serving dishes is important for attractive presentation of chilled shrimp cocktail. Small glass tea cups, wine glasses, or large glass bowls can all be used to serve the appetizer. By adding crushed ice to a large bowl, shrimp can be arranged all the way around the rim and will stay fresh. Add a small ceramic dish or glass bowl in the middle of the ice for the cocktail sauce. If glass cups or wine glasses are used, the cocktail sauce can be spooned into the glass, while the shrimp are arranged neatly around the rim.

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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