How to Pull Your Instagram Stats

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When it was first introduced, Instagram was primarily used for sharing photos between friends, family, and fans. Before long, business entities realized that Instagram is a great platform to promote their products and services.

By June 2018, Instagram had over one billion monthly users. This is quite a leap since the 2013 records show only 130 million people used the platform.

With this kind of outreach, Instagram statistics website helps you to keep track of the response and level of engagement your Instagram profile gets.

Use Instagram’s Internal Analytics 101 - Instagram Insights

For you to use this tool, you need to set up an Instagram business account. It is not necessary to set up a new account if you are happy using your existing account.

All you are expected to do is change it from a personal to a business account. You should also link your Instagram business account to a Facebook page associated with your business. 

You retain the same followers and information you had in your personal account, only this time you can monitor the level of engagement and growth of your account.

If, however, you wish to set up a new account with a business profile, you are free to do so. 

Instagram Insights provides analytics on all the Instagram business profiles. Once you click on it, you will find information on the number of visits to your profile, the number of users who viewed your posts, clicks to the websites linked to your Instagram profile, and the demographics of your followers.

Mobile Instagram analytics apps

Instagram analytics apps will help you track how your account is performing wherever you are. InstaFollow is one of the mobile apps that enables you to pull your Instagram stats.

This app allows you to find out how many new followers you have, those who have unfollowed you, and the type of content your followers enjoy.

Below is a short intro and guide about the free Instagram Analytics:

Additionally, you can also identify the content that causes you to lose followers. 

When you pull your stats using such apps, you will be able to identify the best way to attract more followers and encourage engagement on your profile. Instagram users are always excited about the content they can identify with.

Marketers sometimes have a difficult time determining the information their audience enjoy. However, Instagram statistics gives you an insight on how to plan your marketing.

Free or paid Instagram analytics tools

Several sites offer free Instagram analytics, while others provide the data at a fee. Most of the free tools provide you essential information about your profile including the number of visits, followers, and engagement.

Those that request payment, usually after a period of free usage, provide detailed information that is useful to your marketing plans. If you are not sure about paying for the use of analytic tools, it is best to use the free ones as you decide if you need additional information that is available on analytics tools for pay. 

Instagram Stats are critical for your marketing campaign. Sites like Instagram make it easier for you to reach millions of people at the same time at a low or no cost.

Your profile’s statistics will help shape your marketing campaign. 

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