I’m just not a dieter anymore (Diettogo Review)

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Sooo… I just had another realization why my body and my mind are totally anti-diets.

I just got done with a week’s worth of food from Diet-To-Go. Okay, that’s a lie. Not a full week’s worth. It was 5 days and I didn’t eat everything, some of it is in the freezer. Why? I’m getting there.

I was pretty excited to get this! Well first – I’ve been spending WAY too much money on takeout lately simply have little motivation to cook for myself since I’m so beyond busy the past couple of weeks (by the way, here’s one of the fruits of my labors – woot woot!). So I was thrilled when I was contacted to do a Diettogo review.

Photography by Kamila Gornia

One note before we continue: I didn’t do it because it’s “diet food” aka I didn’t do it with the hope of losing weight.

Okay, so Diet-to-Go is actually a diet meal delivery service and they give you freshly prepared food to eat for the next 5 days. I really wanted to do this because most of their meals are all natural, no weird garbage junk inside (except for some options in their traditional menu, like yogurt and stuff), it is actually freshly prepared and not frozen (or at least not the type of frozen that you get from a grocery store freezer section), and it’s supposed to be actually quite tasty.

So yes. I went for it.

I chose the Low Carb option because I don’t wanna give up my healthy fats and I don’t really like savory carbs all that much anyway (give me sweets all day but pasta, potatoes, corn, etc? I can live without it). So wee!


So I’ll admit, I did think I would be able to stick to the schedule of eating the three meals per day as they suggested. Maybe I did secretly hope I would shed some pounds but I thought about it in a light way, not like an extremist “it’s gotta happen” way. I pretty much eat whatever I want and I try to listen to what my body tells me.

SO, apparently my body does not like 3 meals per day. Or at least it does not like knowing that it will only be getting three meals per day. It’s just not enough. That was realization number one. Did I stick to eating three meals per day? On some days. Were they always the meals I was “supposed to be eating”? No. Lol.

Second, I realized that I have a habit of wanting sweets at night. It’s bad. I know it’s because I overwork myself and I have no “sweetness” in my life. I’ve known this for a while and I’ve been working on it. But you know, it takes time. But I think along with my mind feeling a little bit restricted already, especially as opposed to the past many months, it wasn’t used to it and it rebelled a bit more, making me crave chocolate up the wazoo.

Photography by Kamila Gornia

While I did eat every single breakfast meal and every single lunch option (days are so easy, especially since I’m at work!) but then I come home, tired, stressed, and I work some more and I really want someone to MAKE the food for me. So that’s why I usually get takeout or something on the way home, even a smoothie. I thought this wouldn’t be as bad now that I had these meals ready but they still need to be reheated (oh no, the effort…. lol) and I guess I want convenience and that quick joy fix right there and then that sometimes I just didn’t go for the “good” dinner option and went for something easier, like cereal or chocolate (lots of it).

In terms of the food: I really think it’s really good! It tastes like normal food, something I could get at a restaurant even and I like that it’s proportioned so I don’t have to worry about prep and anything like that. That’s really the main reason why I was so excited about it – not having the prep food for lunch and not having to think about what I should have for breakfast. It’s the dinner that’s the fallback for me. Oh boy.


Overall, I give Diet-to-Go a rating of 5 stars in terms of quality and freshness of the food.

Diet-to-Go Rating:

Reviewed By:Kammie Gornia

I wouldn’t give myself so many stars for how well I followed the plan but I do give myself plenty of pats on the back for staying aware and open to experience to see what works and how my body reacts 🙂


What about you…

Have you ever tried Diet-To-Go?

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. how were the portion sizes? Were they really small? did you feel satisfied or hungry? how about the price? and did you get to choose what you wanted delivered to you? Thanks!!! 🙂

    • Hey Kris! The portion sizes were good, not too small but not huge but they were satisfactory for the most part. But as I said, I had to have snacks just cause I felt restricted by only eating three meals per day but that’s just me. I liked the quality and the taste. I think the price is very reasonable for the quality of what you’re getting given that they are all healthy and mostly natural meals. Also, I chose the Low Carb but they have I think 3 or 4 different plans to choose from and then you can pick and choose which meals you liked and didn’t so you only get the food you actually enjoy (I think). Hope this helps!

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