Inspiration & Perspiration Workshop in Chicago ’13 with Sweaty Betties

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Oh. My. God…

I never knew how one weekend could transform a person so much. I am a ball of emotion still and I am still processing everything that has happened. I came in unsure of how it will look like and relaxed but certainly not thinking it would change my life. I came out… transformed. Inspired. Amazed. Full of emotions I never knew I could feel.

But I’ll start from the beginning and try to give you the best recap I could 🙂

Inspiration & Perspiration Chicago 2013 Sweaty Betties

These two lovely ladies were there to help us get our stuff together upon arrival to the presentation room. Shout out to Ashley and Mimi!

Inspiration & Perspiration Chicago 2013 Sweaty Betties

I got my notebook, plastered it with Sweaty Betty stickers and I was ready to get started!

Inspiration & Perspiration Chicago 2013 Sweaty Betties

Danny-J of Sweaty Betties was incredibly inspiring and so brave for sharing her story with us. It was touching, inspiring, and amazing to hear.

Photography by Kamila Gornia

First we talked about body image.

Photography by Kamila Gornia

We talked about what causes us to eat.. not just hunger but there are so many causes. We dove into this and had a good discussion about our relationships with food and our body image and did several exercises.

The exercises were… uncomfortable. But I’m glad they were. If they weren’t, we really wouldn’t have made the realizations we have made and the emotions we felt wouldn’t be otherwise felt. I’m gonna spare you the details of the exercises cause it just needs to be experienced by a person first hand. But they were very very enlightening to all of us.

There was a break for lunch and I formed a bond with Lori (whom I haven’t seen in like 1.5 years after our Yoga shoot! what!), Danni, and Lisa and we went to this cute pastry place that also had real food. It was cool cause it was clear they were making all the food in-house and from scratch. I ordered a frittata but unfortunately I felt a bit sick after, I think it was cause there were potatoes in there and so many eggs (I haven’t had potatoes in I don’t know how long) but then again eggs do make me nauseous sometimes.. eh.


We went back to the room after lunch to continue with our discussions.

Photography by Kamila Gornia

We then delved into affirmations.

I was never a big affirmation person. I watched The Secret and all but it never really stuck after a day or two. I guess I needed a real person to tell me their experiences with it.

Having Danny, Erin, and Grace talk about affirmations has really made me believe in its ability to work and create real change in our attitude, perception, and reality. I already knew gratitude journals are highly effective and I made a mental note to do both every single day.

Then we went to the studio about 15 minutes away to an AMAZING workout session with Erin Stutland. Erin’s “Shrink Session” was an wonderful combination of cardio, kickboxing, yoga and it’s all while making yourself mentally feel better through affirmations. The whole thing about affirmations came together really well. I also really appreciated Erin telling us her story and how she got to where she is and the challenges she faced. Very inspiring person.

I made sure to take advantage of her being there by talking more with her and buying her online program as well. I felt really invigorated and positive after the session and so I absolutely wanted to do this more since she is based on NYC. I hope she certifies some people in Chicago to do it and I will absolutely go to those classes. They are anything I’ve ever done before but in a GREAT way.

I didn’t bring my phone or camera in the studio since it wasn’t very big and I didn’t want it to get kicked by someone while working out but here’s a quick video of some of the workout courtesy of Danny and Mimi for recording it.

The day concluded at 4pm and I went home. I checked out what was inside the wonderful sporty bag we received as our goody bag…

Inspiration & Perspiration Chicago 2013 Sweaty Betties Inspiration & Perspiration Chicago 2013 Sweaty BettiesTons of awesome stuff. Shout out to the sponsors!

Then I felt inspired and so amazing.. I decided to use the white board that’s in my room by my bed and wrote out affirmations to focus on for the next week or two on it and I made a conscious decision to practice them every single day while I’m getting ready for work/day.


I also used the notebook I received from the day as my gratitude journal or just “body positivity” journal and I wrote down 5 things I was grateful for that day and I’m making a conscious decision to do this every single night. Write down five things I am grateful for. Then I searched for some more body positive things online. Needless to say, I was feeling very inspired. It was like a high.

Just amazing.

The following day we met a the studio and it was 80s day! We started the day by talking about dieting and food and then that turned into discussion about food allergies and whatnot… I also won a book “21 Day Sugar Detox” and I’m excited to read that!

Inspiration & Perspiration Chicago 2013 Sweaty Betties

Everyone looked so great! I loved people’s costumes. Mine wasn’t super duper 80s but I tried.. haha.

dab714664f9b11e3ab4012f602fa8bc2_8 photo-1

The workout was DAMRAP (I think that’s the acronym) basically do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. I was a sweaty mess betty when I was done! Whew.

We were then let go for lunch and Lori, Danni, Lisa, and I went to this cute Mexican place for lunch. It was unseasonably warm in Chicago that Sunday so I knew there would be rain eventually.

I ordered this egg thing I forgot what it was called but it was really good.


Unfortunately we got caught in the HUGE storm that came out of nowhere. It was pouring SO HARD. We waited in the restaurant for a bit but then decided to just make a run for it since we HAD to get back to the room for the rest of the day!

They had some snacks waiting for us to take home at the presentation room.

Inspiration & Perspiration Chicago 2013 Sweaty Betties

Danny introduced Grace Smith, a hypnotherapist based in NYC. Since I’m already a hypnosis believer (see how I lost weight with self-hypnosis and then discussed how self-hypnosis can help with intuitive eating), I was excited to see how a hypnotist works in real life (as compared to a pre-recorded session).

Inspiration & Perspiration Chicago 2013 Sweaty Betties Inspiration & Perspiration Chicago 2013 Sweaty Betties

Grace talked did a quick relaxation session for us and we all felt much more peaceful afterwards and ready to learn more. I loved her story and I felt very thankful for having met her. I didn’t want her to stop talking, her voice is hypnotic.

Inspiration & Perspiration Chicago 2013 Sweaty Betties

Then she asked for a volunteer to be hypnotized for the first time. Kiki suffers from celiac and IBS and felt in a lot of pain before the session. Everyone was watching as Grace used hypnosis to get rid of Kiki’s intestine pain… it was an amazing experience. The energy that was flowing through the whole room and the good intention that was focused on Kiki during the time of her induction was so powerful, many of us were in tears when Kiki finally came to and said she truly felt no more pain. It was a miracle. Incredibly inspiring.

We did a Q&A and ended with a self-hypnosis session.

Then some goodbyes and gifts…


For closing, Danny gave each of us a lovely memento of the weekend – a necklace with a crystal on it (perspiration) and a heart (inspiration). It’s gorgeous and huge props to the lady who handmade them. Check out Creative Galina!

I wore this to work today too… it’s beautiful and I want to keep the experiences close to my heart every day. This will serve as a reminder of the life-changing weekend. I do have plans on going out to find a crystal pendant too to do the pendant crystals technique… more on that soon.


I am so grateful for this whole experience.

You HAVE to go next year. This event is life-changing.


That is all for today. xo


Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. LOVE this and THANK YOU for sharing your experience. I hope the necklace can be a daily reminder 🙂
    Hang on to that feeling… and its Creative Galina (You can search FB and Instagram for her)

  2. I have heard some amazing things about the workshops Danny J & Bex do – I can’t wait to attend one! You were in my neck of the woods! Wish we could’ve met up!!!

  3. It sounds like an amazing weekend, I loved seeing all the photos on instagram!

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