Java Mocha Gluten Free Protein Waffles Recipe – Good Morning Waffles!

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The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of JAVAPRO. Enjoy these delicious gluten free waffles 🙂


Nothing better to wake up to than coffee and waffles right? Oh wait there is… gluten free waffles AND protein-laced coffee 😉 Am I right?

That’s why we’re having two in one for this fabulous recipe. I knew you’d like it, you coffee fiends. Don’t try to deny it. You love that gluten-free waffle goodness in the mornings. Especially when it’s laced with chocolate and caffeine. I know you so well.

Java Mocha Gluten Free Waffles Recipe

I am actually not like you. I don’t really drink coffee. Okay, well I drink decaf. And I drink a half-caf sometimes. Truth is, I am a little sensitive to caffeine so I have to be really careful not to drink too much. So if you’re wondering why, for this recipe, I only used 1/2 cup of JAVAPRO protein powder, that’s the reason. I get hyped up really quickly. But if you’re a java junkie like so many of my friends, don’t hesitate to use a full 1 cup of JAVAPRO instead of splitting it into two types of protein powder. More power for you!

Java Mocha Gluten Free Waffles Recipe

So about these waffles… let me just say regular waffles ain’t got nothing on these protein gluten free waffles. That’s all. These are delightfully filling and satisfying without having to stuff yourself!

Sure, so maybe they aren’t super light as you’re used to – but what would you rather have? Light regular sugar-laced waffles that will only make you hungry an hour or two later? Or protein-laced heavier and satisfying waffles that will keep you happy and full until lunch? You decide.

Java Mocha Gluten Free Waffles Recipe

That’s right, the recipe will make about 4 big Belgian waffles but honestly – 2 triangles to eat and you are totally set. They are so filling. I loved eating them with some coconut cream and coconut butter on top.

PS. They are also ahh-mazing when dipped in some coffee on the side 😉 Decaf for me.

So that’s that – my first waffle recipe of the blog! My protein pancakes are delicious too but I feel like I might be making more of the waffle goodness in the coming weeks… hehe.


Now, what about this JAVAPRO? It’s a whey protein powder that is all natural and contains 80 mg caffeine per serving. It’s basically like having a cup of coffee… but with a side of protein (aka 20 grams worth). What a genius idea!

They have a lot of other flavors too but I tried the mocha one – I liked it. I bet the Latte Caramel, Hazelnut, and Espresso would be delicious as well.  If you dig it too you should go like them on Facebook:  Enjoy!

Java Mocha Gluten Free Waffles Recipe

Question for you:

  • Do you have coffee each morning?
  • How often do you have waffles for breakfast?

Let me know in the comments!

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. GAHHHHH – LIP SMACKINGLY GOOD! I hope you ATE THAT ENTIRE STACK! LOL! 😉 I will unfortunately need to swap out the whey protein (aka: the main event you’re talking about) because I cannot do dairy, but regardless, HELLO YUM!

  2. These look so yummy! I really want to get myself a waffle maker 🙂

  3. These waffles look so incredible! The chocolate-coffee flavor is always a winner for me, and I love that this recipe is gluten-free. I’ve been experimenting with flour blends so I’d love to try these! Pinning to my gluten-free board. 🙂

  4. These look fantastic! I love getting the extra bump of protein in the morning and the best part is they are gluten-free to fit my new transition to gluten-free! How well do other flours work e.g garbanzo or GF oat flour?
    Great job!

    • YAY for the transition! How has it been going for you so far? I have not tried garbanzo flour in this but I think oat flour MIGHT work but don’t take my word for it. The texture is quite different from almond and almond flour tends to soak it all up a little bit more and is a lot more coarse. But if you try it, please let me know – I’d love to see how they turn out for you with these substitutions.

  5. These waffles look amazing! I love my morning coffee. Especially during the cold weather months. Going to have to get my hands on some Javapro. We used to eat waffles every weekend but not as much now.

  6. I’m not really much of a waffle girl, but these DO look really delicious!! Love me some coffee too – black! 🙂

  7. I used to be super sentitive to caffeine as well but now I’m able to drink it without a problem so yeah, I am a coffee person! These waffles look super delicious and I love that they’re so filling too. I need to know more about that protein powder – it sounds great! xxx

  8. Um yumm! Can anyone say breakfast for dinner!

  9. I just keep staring at those waffles! OMG – these sound delicious! I love waffles and my husband loves coffee. Win-win!

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  11. This is mouth watering. I love it

  12. I am definitely a coffee hound and these waffles just seem to be made for me. I like how you have combined vanilla and mocha flavors together. Also, good to see that this recipe is gluten-free.

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