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I just love juices.

I love what fresh veggie juices do to my wellbeing. My parents have had a juicer for a while now and have been using it once in a while to make fresh veggie juices to supplement their eating. For the past few weeks, every time I would go visit them (almost every Sunday) I would use their juicer and make a big batch of veggie juice, put it in bottles, and take it back home with me to drink every morning for the next three days as a nice way to start the day.

I don’t actually do detoxes or cleanses. I never thought I would be do a juice cleanse either. However, upon learning about Skinny Limits juice cleanse, and their amazing raw and alive juices, I thought I could give a 3 day cleanse a go. I wasn’t going to be very strict on it simply because I knew how I might react afterwards (aka binge central, not fun). Done it before, would probably do it again.

Skinny Limits fresh raw juices

What is Skinny Limits all about?

“Here at Skinny Limits, we provide cold pressed, raw juices for people interested in looking and feeling great. Skinny Limits was founded in Austin, Texas by Cary and Joanie Frieden. Avid juicers, the Frieden family were looking for a convenient and efficient solution to Juicing. Letโ€™s face it, Juicing is hard. It takes hours to prep the fruits and vegetables, the equipment is costly, and after everything your kitchen looks like an exploded produce department. And of course, if you decide to purchase a juice cleanse, itโ€™s incredibly difficult to find completely natural and raw options. Most juice cleanse companies offer juices they claim to be raw, when in reality the juices have underwent HP Processing, which uses no heat, but kills all the living cells inside the juice. Skinny Limits juices are created with the freshest ingredients and are never pasteurized or processed. Our juice isย alive.”

What makes Skinny Limits different from other juice companies?

“There are lots of juice cleanse companies, so what makes Skinny Limits different? For starters, our juice is completely raw. Most mainstream juice cleanse companies aim to stock their product in grocery stores. However, they have to maintain a longer shelf life to do so. Because of this, they put their juice through a process called HP Processing. This doesnโ€™t use any heat, but it kills all the living cells in the juice. You can literally taste the difference.”

Skinny Limits fresh raw juices

I got the juices on Wednesday morning and I was excited to get started. I did have an intention to go through the full three days of the cleanse but I wasn’t going to do it extreme-way. If I felt I really needed to eat real food, I would. Intuitive eating still is a thing for me, ya know how that goes.

Wednesday I did a half day and then ate the rest of the day because I got a really bad headache and just couldn’t deal with it. I am weak. Haha.

Thursday I did a full day! It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I bet it would have been easier if I actually left my apartment and did stuff outside but I worked from home. This was also the only day that was a full-on success.

Friday I did most of the day and some snacks. I went out Friday night for my best friend’s birthday but I didn’t drink alcohol but I felt I needed to eat a protein bar before leaving so I wouldn’t feel weak or hungry while we were dancing the night away. Thankfully, we didn’t stay out too late so drinking water all night was fine and I wasn’t hungry.

Saturday I did less than a half day and I shared the rest of the bottles with my best friend. She liked the juices too, to my surprise because she isn’t all about healthy eating like I am. She thought the green juice tasted great. That tells you just how tasty they are ๐Ÿ˜‰

Skinny Limits fresh raw juices

The whole thing was very bearable and when I allowed myself snacks during the day when I felt I needed one, it was VERY easy to juice for the other meals of the day. I didn’t feel weak or faint or irritable at all, except that first day on Wednesday. The reason why I started eating again on Friday was because I felt like I just had all liquids in my stomach and the feeling bothered me. I also became very phlegmatic which is a given since all of the toxins were coming out of my body. It was an annoying feeling though.

I do wish I stuck through it and did the full three days. I do think I want to do this again when I actually have a day job so that I am not stuck at home without things to do and all I can think about is whether I should drink another juice or whether I should eat food. I do think the cleanse is very doable especially if you allow yourself snacks to help you get through it. I’m not an extremist so this worked for me.

I ended up feeling a more more vibrant and healthy and energetic. I did this with the hope of resetting my eating behaviors and cravings. I feel that I now crave more real foods and fresh foods. I am excited to eat more veggies and fresh fruit, which is exactly what I had hoped to get out of this experience.

I don’t know whether I lost weight during this particular four day period since I don’t own a scale but my mom said I looked brighter and glowy when she saw me on Sunday. That’s a good thing, eh?

I believe that Skinny Limits is a wonderful company with a fantastic product that many other companies do not have. I recommend you to try the three or one day cleanse out for yourself and see the benefits for yourself!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Skinny Limits. All opinions are my own.

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. I drink juices during the day sometimes to get in some vitamins and detox but never have done a full multiple, day cleanse and would LOVE to!

  2. I have never done something like this, I would lOVE to!

  3. Sugary juices I rarely drink, but a lovely healthy juice like this I could drink every day!

  4. i’ve juiced once before and loved it! would love to continue

  5. I love these juices and would really enjoy doing a cleanse!

  6. Have really wanted to try this cleanse!

  7. I’ve never juiced, but I’d love to try it out!

  8. I have never juiced, but have always been curious about doing a cleanse. I just don’t know if I could go 3 or 4 days without food!!

  9. I never have but I would love to try!

  10. Once a day, five days a week. Veggies are expensive but every juice I make gets me that much closer to my health goals and gives me that energy pick me up that I need for the day.

  11. I have actually never done a juice! Thats why I would LOvE to win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I don’t juice very frequently but I want to start getting back into it! goal is 3x per week.

  13. I’ve never “juiced”, but I just received a Blendtec for a wedding present and hope to make some whole juices soon.

  14. Erin from Long Island

    I’ve juiced a few times but never managed to try a cleanse

  15. Awesome!! LOVE green juice. Cleanses scare me….I’ve always wanted to try one but going that long without real food is a little intimidating.

  16. I have never done something like this, I would love to! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I’m pretty sure i wouldn’t want to do a full-on cleanse, but i would like to have these around for some fun healthy drink options!

  18. i literally made a juice this morning! but it was super random because i had fruits and veggies going bad so i wanted to use them up. it’d probably been 2 months before that!

  19. as often as possible…but in reality about every 3 to 4 months.

  20. I don’t have a juicer, so I only occasionally buy pre-made juices. If I did the 3 day thing, I think I may have to incorporate a few healthy snacks if I felt I needed them, like you did!

    • Juicing is tough! That’s actually part of the reason of how we started. We knew lots of people that would try to make their own cleanses, but the end result was their kitchen looking like a produce truck had exploded. That’s why we try to make them as easily accessible as possible, for cleansing or for something tasty to incorporate into a healthy diet ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. If I could juice more, I would. I just don’t because I hate cleaning it, therefore, I probably only juice once a month max. ๐Ÿ™

  22. I used to juice at least once a week, but since I moved with my tiny kitchen I haven’t juiced once!

  23. I’ve never juiced but I want to try so badly! I want a juicer for Christmas but I also want a garmin… so I have some decisions to make.

  24. I always have good intentions to juice more, but I’ll do it like once or twice, then give up once I have to clean my juicer and kitchen after I create my concoctions…I guess that means I lazy haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ I agree with you tho Kammie – I tend to feel more energized and happy when I drink fresh juice!

  25. I used to juice all the time..but recently my blender has been lonely ๐Ÿ™

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  27. I’ve never juiced before.

  28. I dont juice, but i would love to start

  29. I have juiced only once but would love to try again with something that actually tastes good.

  30. I’ve never tried it, but I have friends who do & love it

  31. I’ve never done a juice cleanse but I’ve always wanted to! Seems like a cool idea.

  32. I’ve known the juice cleansing diet for months but I’ve never had the guts to try it.

  33. I have been making green smoothies everyday but would love to try the juices!

  34. Ive never done a cleanse, but I have tried green juice

  35. Usually once a year in the spring

  36. Amanda Hendricks-Selby

    I drink orange juice when I think I’m getting sick. That’s about it.

  37. I have never juiced before because I don’t have a blender but I’m really looking forward to see how the juicing helps my digestive health.

  38. I almost never juice

  39. I used to juice 2-3 times a week before I left for college. Now I’m full of refined sugar!

  40. not much :/

  41. I have never juiced, but I want to try it. Several of my friends do it regularly.

  42. A juice fast can make big changes happen!

  43. I have never juiced – but my friends rave about it – this looks like a great way to try.

  44. i juice about every 6 months!

  45. I don’t juice often. I try too but my schedule does not permit. I have wanted to visit skinny limits for a while now.

  46. i have never juiced before

  47. I have never juiced but they look good

  48. Ooooo I want to do one!!!!!

  49. I particularly liked the juice, because the content in rich in vitamins that are beneficial to health. With the juice we have established healthy living which is very useful for our body.

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