Are you doing this in your life now?

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You look at yourself in the mirror. You’re not happy. You don’t like what you see. And then you tell yourself ‘I’m ugly’.

Are you doing this in your life now?


You are going out for a nice dinner or night out with your friends. 3 hours before you join them, you start doing your makeup, and your hair. You start figuring out what to wear so you look good. And before you know it, you were rushing out that door because you’ll be late. Once you finally reached the place, all you feel is a sigh of relief ‘Yes, I’m finally here now.’

Are you doing this in your life now?


You tell yourself this, “I will only be beautiful when I…”.

(Fill in the blanks. Eg. lose weight, tone up, clear your acne)

If you answered yes to either one or all of these scenarios, then let this be a sign from the Universe that it is time for you to stop doing that.

It is your time to shine.


Time to own your magnificence and beauty that only you have.

Telling yourself you are ugly or that you will only be beautiful when for example, lose 3 pounds, in your life right now, isn’t a bad thing. So don’t beat yourself up over that. I know that sometimes we feel guilty and we blame ourselves for thinking and telling ourselves that.

Know this, it is totally okay.

What you told yourself, a minute ago, it is in the past now.

The past does not define you.

The past does not hold you back.

Instead of seeing this as a bad thing or a behaviour that is sabotaging yourself, see this as a sign from yourself, or from the Universe that you have gotten off track. It is a sign for you to realign with your true self, and your true magnificent beauty.

This is important especially if you do not feel beautiful and yet tell yourself all kinds of mean comments about your looks or how unloveable you are. Left unsolved, this can in turn make what you feel and what you tell yourself a reality.

This is because your subconscious mind records everything you feel and say as the truth. Unlike your conscious mind, your subconscious mind cannot choose which thought to be true. It has no capability of processing what is true.

So basically, your subconscious mind is like a dark hole, taking in everything – from how you feel about yourself to what you tell yourself.

If you continue doing this in your life for longer period of time, you will start to not feel beautiful. You will become unhappy, especially the times when you feel ugly. Most importantly, you start showing up in your friendships feeling depleted or drained.

If you took 3 hours to dress up for a nice dinner with your friends, you’ll just be worrying about your looks, checking in from time to time on how you look just to make sure you stay beautiful. You’re not even enjoying the nice dinner anymore.

Forget about what you learned about beauty.

Forget about what you were taught about what is beautiful.

This is your life, and this is your time. You have the power to choose what to believe because this is your life.

You are here to live your life to the fullest and to be happy.


2 things you can do right now to shift your reality

1.   Question yourself about what beauty really means to you. What does the term ‘beautiful’ means? What makes something ‘beautiful’?


Think about that for a moment.

You see, everyone here on earth has their own definition of beauty. My definition of beauty is a woman who feels irresistibly beautiful, comfortable in her own skin, and radiating that confidence, beauty, clarity and charm in everything that she does. Now, that is what beautiful means to me.

Does that mean that is what beauty is about? No. It is not. Beauty is defined by the eye of the beholder. And you are that person.

If you want the term ‘beautiful’ to refer to the inner beauty of a women, then that is beauty.

If you want the term ‘beautiful’ to refer to that charismatic charm that a women has, then that is beauty. 

What does ‘beautiful’ mean in your words?


2.   Mastering your inner mean girl


Do you know that voice inside your head that is constantly telling you mean comments about how you look or how unloveable you are or you’re not good enough?

Yes, that voice.

That is your inner mean girl speaking. It’s the roommate who lives “upstairs”.

Mastering your inner mean girl takes time and practice. The more you practice it, the easier it gets. But don’t let that stop you from ever trying to master your inner mean girl.

If you are ready to master your inner mean girl, here are 5 ways you can master your inner mean girl and start taking control. 


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Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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