Marvelous in my Monday #3 + Beachbody ChaLean Extreme Review

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Hello friends, happy marvelous Monday to you all! Thank you for the beautiful Katie for hosting MIMM 🙂

It’s marvelous to have been catching up with my friends I haven’t talked to in a while. I saw a lot of friends over the past few weeks that I’ve missed and I’m happy that this summer is proving to be super fun, eventful, and beautiful (in terms of weather). This weeke was also Pride Week 2012 and my friend and I went over to the Boystown neighborhood in Chicago to support our gay friends. We didn’t stay at the parade long and went straight to Wrigleyville for some day partying which I’ve missed so much.


This song is marvelous and I’ve been lovin’ it the past 2 months and I’m still not over it. I absolutely suck at genre-naming but I guess I’ve totally shifted towards the whole chill indie music over the past year. I used to listen to house all the time and now the only time I really listen to house is when I’m working at the club. On my own, I’m like this chill machine that listens to the calmest music. Strangely, Jango thinks that City and Colour is similar to some crazy rock songs and my City and Colour station is randomly intertwined with screamo, crazy indie hip hop, and then chill indie. It’s one confusing station. I have to click the thumbs down button quite a bit when I listen to it, haha.

Another marvelous thing that has happened recently is that I’ve completed the ChaLEAN Extreme programSo I think it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about how marvelous this program was and what my overall opinions of it were. Personally, I loved this program. I love Chalean Johnson – she rocks! She is very motivational and not throughout the whole 5 months was she annoying or boring. Never have I thought to myself “Oh God, Chelean, just SHUT UP already.” Nope. Which says a lot considering she’s been the first person I’d see every day (almost) for the past 5 months.

Why 5 months? Well, the program is 3 months long. I first started and after month 2 I got sick with a nasty cold and I decided to start the program all over again without taking such long hiatuses. What did I think of the program? I loved it. The program is split up into three sections, one month each – the Burn month in which you use lighter weights (but still heavy enough to reach failure by the 12th rep); Push month in which you use heavy weights (so that you can reach fatigue by the 8th rep); and Lean month which is similar to Burn month except the moves are much more complex and you work on two body parts at the same time in one exercise. My favorite was the Lean month because it was the most challenging but I also noticed the most change in my body and strength.


  • Workouts are short — usually ~40 minutes
  • Program comes with a light resistance band and a thigh toner
  • Exercises change every month so that you don’t get bored and continue confusing your muscles
  • There are three different weight training circuits per week, one cardio/endurance interval circuit, one cardio interval circuit, one yoga, and one ab circuit.
  • Chalean is fun and motivational and really helps you get through the workouts
  • The program is focused on building muscle (which made me really love strength training and that’s all I wanna do now 🙂
  • Chalean goes through each exercise well for the participant to truly understand how to keep her form correct
  • The program is mostly focused on women (but not just for women! She always has one guy doing the workouts with her)
  • You are able to use resistance bands if you don’t want to use weights


  • The price is pretty high at ~$120
  • You need a big variety of weights for the exercises (if you choose to use those)
  • You need to buy additional resistance bands (if you choose to use those)

Honestly, the pros clearly outweigh the cons and I most definitely will do the program again in the future. Since the beginning of the program (in January), I’ve lost 10 lbs and gained a considerable amount of muscle but I didn’t check my body fat % or didn’t take my measurements so I don’t know how much I’ve lost but people say that I do look smaller and I have muscles in my biceps where I’ve NEVER had arm muscle before. Not ever. Not even after I completed P90x three years ago (but then again, I could have tried harder at p90x). So yeah, I definitely recommend the program! One thing I could have done better was stick to the diet plan instead of doing my own thing and making sure I’m always within the right calorie range, then I would have probably lost more weight. Oh well.

I am currently in my first week of Flavia Del Monte’s Curvalicious program which is another 12 week program focused on weight training and I already LOVE it. Actually, I like it more than Chalean simply because I needed a break from the DVDs and I wanted to do stuff more on my own. I have been super sore every since I started. I’ll do a review after the first month, perhaps.

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. I LOVE this song.. made my day!! xx

  2. I always like to hear reviews on different exercise programs, good to hear that one was great! I have heard it was!

    Happy Monday love!

  3. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I absolutely love yours!

    I LOVE your review of ChaLEAN Extreme Program! If it weren’t for the fact that it costs half my weekly paycheck, I would totally try it out too! Looks like I better start saving up the dough for this bad boy 🙂

    • Aww thank you and likewise! I honestly think it’s soo worth it. You can use it again and again, I highly doubt you will ever get sick of it (well, unless you don’t take breaks in between haha) Have you tried any of the Beachbody programs?

      • I have never tried one of the actual programs, but I own one of the beachbody DVDs! It’s my go to workout when I’m not feeling like going to the gym! Have you ever tried any of the other programs?

        • Yeah, I finished P90x 3 years ago (but didn’t go as hard as I could so I will probably do it again in the future) and I did month 1 of Insanity (I died lol). I like their programs if not for the money issue! The other two belong to my friends’ so I didn’t have to actually buy them

          • That’s awesome! I would love it if those video workouts could hold my attention, but I get so bored of listening to the same person over and over again telling me what to do. That’s kind of bad, right!? hahha! That and I live on the 3rd floor of my apartment complex…therefore the high intensity jumping that is part of those workouts probably doesn’t make my downstairs neighbors very happy 🙂

            • Haha makes sense! I usually get sick of the person too so I don’t blame you, something about Chalean made me not hate her though. She was pretty motivational throughout. I did last 5 months with her. I didn’t do the workouts in my apartment though, I would take the DVDs and do it in the dance studio in my fitness center of my building. I would take some sets of weights with me in there, I’m sure some of the people that were working out would get annoyed but I tried to go at times no one was there, haha!

              • Thats a great idea! I would never have even thought do do that! What year are you in college!?

                • I’m going into my last year of undergrad but probably going to continue my education to get a masters right afterwards. How about yourself?

                • I’m the same! I’ll be a senior this upcoming fall semester and as of now, I am not planning to go onto more school. I need a break! What are you studying?

                • I’m studying Psychology and Integrated Marketing Communications but I want to focus on the IMC. My parents really want me to stay in school and are willing to pay so I thought I might as well take them up on the offer now instead of later when I’d have to pay for it on my own. I’m gonna go for IMC again for masters. What are you studying? Nice to meet you btw, I’m Kammie haha 🙂 I love new blog friends!

                • Haha I’m Meagan, its very nice to meet you too! I’m new to the whole blog scene, so its good to start making some new friends 🙂

                  I am studying Communication Studies focusing on Human Relations. I am a marketing intern this summer for a company and I am really enjoying it! I still have no idea what I want to do after I graduate, but marketing and events are two things I know I enjoy!

                • Ohh I’m a marketing intern too! But I think it’s gonna turn into a full time position after which I’m excited about, I’m currrently focusing on social media marketing. I was at first focusing on Advertising in the IMC dept but I dont know if I wanna do that anymore. I do, but I don’t. I’m confused too so you’re not alone! What company do you intern for?

                • Oh thats awesome! I love social media marketing, and its for sure one of the things I like most about my internship now. I am interning for a company called VisionWeb, which is an online company for the eyecare industry. I am looking for another internship for the fall…I’m hoping to find a company that is more health/food/fitness related so I can work with my passion! The eyecare industry, not so much! Hahah

                • Haha I feel ya on that one. I’ve been thinking lately perhaps for me being able to work in the marketing communicaitons dept in Shape or Fitness or Women’s Health magazines would be ideal for me. To combine all of my passions (well besides photography I guess) into one. Good thing we have time to figure stuff out still 🙂 You’re from TX?

                • Awesome. I’ve never been down there. Or anywhere outside of Illinois and Wisconsin for that matter (speaking of the US, I’ve been out of the country before I came to the US) I bet it’s awesome down there — warmth all the time. Chicago has way too extreme weather although it’s been really pleasant lately.

                • My grandparents live up near Chicago and I used to be up there once, if not twice a year! I LOVE northern Illinois, as well as Wisconsin. Two of my favorite states for sure! Where are you from originally!?

                • Well next time you’re here, let me know! I’m originally from Poland and came here about 8 years ago. Don’t miss it too much though, I love Chi 🙂

                • Oh thats awesome! I will for sure let you know! We should continue this getting to know you sesh via email! Email me at 🙂

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