How to Maximize your Cardio Routine? (First Friday Fitness #1 Video)

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Do you love cardio? Or do you wish you didn’t have to do it?

Regardless of your answer, I’m sure there are times where you just wanted to skip it entirely (exhibit A). That’s why I wanted the first topic for our new feature “First Friday Fitness” video series to be about exactly that – cardio and how to maximize your benefits of doing cardio in less time! Sounds good?

How to maximize your cardio routine

You’re in luck! Today’s video is perfect for you.

By the way, this is a BRAND NEW FEATURE – and will be happening on the first of each month. So yay! Hope you like it.

Watch the video to learn what Jenni Farr, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor thinks about cardio.

If you have any fitness related questions you would like her to answer, make sure to send us a note!

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Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. Great video, I tend to focus on doing exercises I enjoy, otherwise I won’t follow through. So I swim, mountain bike, ski, hike, and garden among other things. What I love about this is I’m not worried about how long I’m working out for, I’m enjoying nature and having fun with a friend or group of friends.

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