How to reduce stress in only 3 minutes a day

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You know those times when you need to hit a re-set button? Those moments when things feel like they’re spinning out of control, and it’s hard to get a handle on life? When stress starts to cloud your thinking? 


I’m talking about times that you’re… 

…overwhelmed at work and can’t think straight

…unable to focus on your tasks

…anxious about a conversation you have to have, and can’t let it go

…angry and in pain because you stubbed your toe

…frustrated that you can’t fall asleep because your mind is racing

…unable to relax enough to do a decent yoga session or meditate

The technique I’m going to show you now will help you with all of these moments, along with any other times that stress tries to take over your life.

Not only that, but it will deeply balance the communication within your brain, leading to improvements in overall health, enhanced clarity and focus, and a balanced nervous system. All in just a few minutes. (For real)

Be sure to follow along as I show you how to reduce stress in only 3 minutes a day : )


I highly recommend making this technique a part of your daily life. There are a lot of different ways to reduce stress and everyone has their own tips to reduce stress, but this one works incredibly well for me.

Getting in the habit of doing this every day will keep you calm and peaceful throughout the day, give you greater clarity, and reduce emotional turmoil.

It’s also great for headaches, and falling asleep : )

The effects of this technique are cumulative, so the more you practice, the more you’ll notice how dramatic the shifts are.

It’s like a secret weapon for fighting stress and overwhelm.

Even though it may seem tricky the first time you do it (like rubbing your belly and patting your head…), with practice it becomes second nature and you’ll find yourself doing it all the time.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any friends that could use a stress re-set tool, pass it along!

Amberlee is an Advanced Practitioner of BodyTalk, a healing modality that combines Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and modern science. If you liked this post, you’d love her guided meditation based in this tradition that leads you through a gentle way to transform physical and emotional pain. Click here to access your FREE “Transform Your Pain” meditation. 

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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