Minnesota Ruined My Life

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As you know, I went to Minnesota over the weekend for Healthy Living Summit. I had a great time, got to meet some pretty amazing people, eat some delicious food, and get a whole lotta swag to take home with me.

I didn’t mention too much about what I did outside of the HLS activities though. I actually stayed in Minnesota for two more days after the HLS concluded on Sunday morning. After we checked out of the hotel that Sunday, we went to Bloomington where we stayed until Monday late afternoon.

Some pretty crazy things happened during my stay in Minnesota that ruined changed my life forever.

Wonder what it is? Keep reading!

1. I had the best Frozen Yogurt of my life

Seriously, YogurtLab in Minnesota changed my life. As you may or may not know, I am a self-proclaimed frozen yogurt queen. In a sense that I love to eat it. I am a total froyo fan girl. That’s right. I believe know I was one of the FIRST people in Chicago to start loving frozen yogurt. Before the craze started. Before all of the froyo shops started popping up everyone. BAM. Oh yeah, back to this place.

Yogurtlab in MN

YogurtLab has the most delicious frozen yogurt I have ever tasted. I am not lying or exaggerating. I went there because my fellow HLS-ers told me it was good so once Sunday’s activities concluded, I searched for the nearest location and ventured out to try it for myself.

The flavors were all SO amazing. The variety was large and every single one was so flavorful and so delicious. It was crazy. Each one tasted OH so creamy and thick too! Nutella tasted like Nutella. Dark chocolate.. oh my gosh, the most dark chocolate flavor ever – like you’re biting into a real dark chocolate bar. Strawberry… like the most amazingly juicy strawberry you have ever tasted.

Yogurtlab in MN

I couldn’t stop thinking about this damn frozen yogurt. We had to go back again the next day. I couldn’t NOT go after it had literally changed my life in a couple of minutes.

Photography by Kamila Gornia

After I finished eating the second creation, I felt sad. I have been to many froyo establishments in Chicago area and even my favorite ones, Forever Yogurt and Menchies, don’t even compare. This YogurtLab place ruined my life because it doesn’t exist in Chicago and now I can’t have froyo that tastes even remotely as good. My life feels incomplete. This is sad. lol

2. I had the best Burger of my life

Okay so this one didn’t technically ruin my life because I’m not some burger freak. I do like an occasional burger but I’m no fanatic by any means. I do know a good burger when I try it though and this burger was IT. It was definitely one of the best burgers I have ever had in my entire life, at least so far.

This took place at a restaurant that’s connected to the second hotel we stayed at, Best Western in Bloomington, MN by Mall of America. The restaurant is called Redrossa Italian Grille. It’s a nice place, but nothing too different from any other place. It’s an Italian place but thankfully not traditional Italian (I’m not a big Italian fan). I scouted a Bruschetta Burger on the menu and ordered that for my late lunch.

Bruschetta Burger

First of all, let me begin by saying that salad that I got with burger was pretty damn great. I expected some regular side salad since it was $1 extra for a salad but no, this was a legit big salad from one of their menu items. I got rid of the meat strips and the cheese and olives and I loved the salad outside of that. The dressing was perfect and the salad was just perfect after that.

Look at that burger though. Look at that sauce. My God, this is a work of genius, I swear. It was bruschetta, balsamic reduction, some cheese, medium-well burger, spinach, egg bun. If heaven has a flavor, it would be THIS burger.

Bruschetta BurgerI couldn’t stop saying how good it was. My parents pretty much told me to stop repeating myself after I mentioned how amazing this burger was for the 9th time. I don’t tell them burgers are amazing. I don’t really repeat myself that many times unless I really believe something to be true. Actually, no, I don’t ever repeat myself because I dislike being annoying. But I couldn’t help myself. This burger was life-changing. It was the best burger I have ever had and I couldn’t shut up. Glorious. It was glorious.

Minnesota ruined my life because now I feel like I have to find a better tasting burger in Chicago. Since I already know no froyo place compares to the one in Minnesota, I have to at least prove to myself a better burger exists. Let’s hope I don’t die of having clogged arteries. Ha.

3. Excitement for Bison is gone

I don’t necessarily think this one is a bad thing but I have mentioned a few times I’ve wanted to try a bison burger. Bison is a very lean red meat and it sounds too good to be true – like a healthier beef burger. I actually tried it at Hell’s Kitchen as I mentioned in my previous post.
Bison Burger

Even though I got it cooked medium, it was still dry and didn’t have very much flavor. I wasn’t a fan. The mystery and curiosity that surrounded bison burgers was gone. Poof. Just like that. Sorry, Bisons. You aren’t getting eaten by this girl again. Good for you!
So that was a pretty dramatic title for a post, huh?

Now I want to know….

  • What is the BEST frozen yogurt you have ever had?
  • What is the BEST burger you have ever had?

Let me know in the comments!



Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. I actually LOVE Forever Yogurt (I had it the last time I was in Chicago) but you’re right — Yogurt Lab is the best!

  2. You should try Yogurtland in Chicago! I’ve had a lot of frozen yogurt, and it’s my favorite, by far!

    • I have tried it. Haha, I’m telling you – I am a self-proclaimed Frozen Yogurt queen. I wasn’t a huge fan of that one, but it might have been because of the actual location I tried. The consistency was off and it was taking FOREVER to come out of the machines. Which ones do you usually go to? (location wise) I tried the one in Arlington Hts

  3. haha great title. I HAD to know why your life was ruined in Minnesota! 😉 I also need to add that burger place to my Twin Cities bucket list I am in the middle of making.

    Great to meet you this weekend and thanks for answering my questions about YouTube videos!! 🙂

  4. You got me with the headline. but I cannot wait to try the yogurt if I ever get up there.

  5. My favorite yogurt place in chicago is iCream! It’s super neat – and you can honestly customize it anyway you want to: yogurt/ice cream/sorbet/soy/pudding, sugar free/fat free/both/neither, any additions, any flavors – it’s insane! Check it out, I think you’ll find a new midwest favorite 🙂 http://www.icreamcafe.com/

  6. I lived in Minneapolis for six years. It has a lot of great food!! We went back this weekend for the first time and found even better restaurants. I want to try that frozen yogurt (my friend told me we had to, but I was too full haha).

  7. The best froyo I’ve ever had is called cake batter and they serve it at Froyoworlds across the country. It is just so good. I also had one called Spoonberry once in Madison. Really weird, but good too.

    I love burgers too much to pick a favorite.

  8. This might sound gross, but the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever had was at a place here in Rochester where I live and it was cotton candy flavor. I know, I’m like 5 years old 😉

  9. They sell frozen yogurt in Spain, but it’s super expensive and not as tasty as the one in your pictures. I always find it a bit artificial tasting, so I prefer to make my own. Brownie batter fro-yo is my favorite thing ever!
    I need to go to that yogurt lab, you made it sound wonderful! And those burgers look amazing as well! 😉

  10. That burger looks delicious! There is a steakhouse in NY called Peter Luger’s and it has amazing burgers (and bacon!).

  11. I am the same way about frozen yogurt!! My favorite local(ish) place is probably Menchies, but Yogurt Lab definitely knocked it out of the park. The strawberry and pineapple flavors that I had were both amazing – and I am not usually a fan of anything besides the standard tart yogurt.

  12. Okay… so now I’m so mad that I didn’t check out yogurt lab. I actually saw it, but yogurt can give me a bit of a tummy ache and I passed it up. But I seriously LOVE yogurt, so I think with this place, the tummy ache would have been well worth it. Great seeing you at HLS!

  13. How fun! I’m going back to MN next month, so I will try the fro-yo for sure.

    I haven’t tried bison yet either, but I’m curious. A lot of people seem to enjoy it?

  14. Kammie:
    I am so sorry that some of your fav treats are not available in Chicago but in Minnesota . 🙂 I can certainly understand because my favorite milkshake is from Shakes Alive, Colorado. I had to come out with a version of it because it is out of reach. Well, think that those treats are great excuses to visit MN again.

  15. Your frozen yogurt looks amazing! The best fro yo that I have eaten was at a tiny shop in a small town where my husband and I used to live. They only featured 4 flavors that changed daily, but all of them (especially peanut butter) were to die for! The yogurt was rich, thick and creamy. In addition, you could get a “mini” size for $1.25 and they would pile it extremely high! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

  16. That fro yo!!! We have 2 pretty comparable places here, but I think yogurt lab might still win! Also, I am totally recreating that burger!!

  17. Ahhhhh that frozen yogurt looks AMAZING!! Best burger I’ve ever had actually is the Juicy Lucy from the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis! Saw the place on Man vs. Food so had to try it out the first and only time I visited the Twin Cities. That burger…..sooooo super delicious.

  18. Ok, now I need to check out Yogurtlab! Mental note to do that the next time I’m passing through the Twin Cities visiting family.

  19. That stinks that you now have to go back to subpar yogurt and burgers 🙁 I can relate! Coming from a small area we have basically zero exciting restaurants and Menchies is our nicest frozen yogurt place too (RIP TCBY… You are missed! 😉 ).

    I have always wanted to try bison but I’ve heard that it was dry too. I bet there is some way to make them that they aren’t so dry- maybe adding an egg or some chopped mushrooms?

    The best burger that I’ve ever had was at place called Belly Busters. It was an angus beef burger and was to die for! And the best frozen yogurt was a long long time ago at TCBY’s… Vanilla soft serve in a big waffle cone topped with a mountain of cookie dough!

  20. It sounds like you were able to find some delicious food!!! I’ve never really had any desire to try a bison burger…

  21. THAT looks like the best burger ever! I’m about ready to get in the car and drive to Minnesota. May get there by next week 🙂

  22. I so wish I had gotten a chance to get frozen yogurt while I was in MN! Yogurt Lab came up a few times but we just never made it there. The best frozen yogurt I’ve had is from a place called Fraiche near me that makes their fresh Greek and frozen yogurt in house. To die for.

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