My first time doing Hot Yoga

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My First Time Doing Hot Yoga

Last night was my first time doing hot yoga! I was so so so excited, it’s been on my to-do list for a few months now and finally on Wednesday during regular yoga class, my instructor said she is doing a “first class free” on Friday. Naturally, my hand sprung up to learn more information and I signed me and my boyfriend up. He hasn’t done any yoga before but he’s been wanting to try hot yoga with me so I figured he wouldn’t be against it.

First things first, what is Hot Yoga? 

You’re gonna laugh at this but the first time I heard the words and saw a billboard for it, my mind went to sex. No I’m not a perv. I just thought it’s some kind of hot (aka sexy) yoga that incorporates tantric movements. Well, it’s nothing like that. Hot Yoga is actually yoga done in a heated room – 95 degrees F or higher. The heat allows the muscles to relax and you are able to take deeper stretches, not to mention sweat off the toxins. Most of the classes run 90 minutes and incorporate yin and yang – flowing movements that build up strength and end with calm prolonged holding of the poses. This class started out with seated, then went on to doing 50 minutes standing up, and the last 30 minutes were left for sitting and laying down stretches.

What did I think of my first Hot Yoga session? It was freaking amazing. I’ll admit, at first it was pretty hard, but after 45 minutes or so I found it to go more smoothly and it was much more relaxing. My boyfriend thought the complete opposite – he started out thinking it was pretty easy and then turned super difficult. Everyone’s body is different though so everyone will have different opinions of the practice. What we did agree on, however, is how great we felt afterwards. We both absolutely loved the practice. It felt rejuvenating. My body felt so clean from the inside. We sweated so much but that’s part of the beauty in it – you can really tell how your body is working and I sure love seeing my body sweat – there is no better instant reinforcement that you’re doing a good job. That, and a better looking body, of course.

Will I do hot yoga again? Absolutely. In fact, I’m planning on another session as soon as next week. I can’t believe I waited this long to make this step and experience hot yoga. While I like regular yoga and will continue to practice that as well, I definitely think hot yoga will stay in my schedule and on my mind for years to come.

Kammie wants to know:

  • Have you ever tried hot yoga?

  • What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Let me know in the comments below!

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. I love hot yoga.. have been going on and off for a few years.. it’s such a full-body workout, without any rush or stress, so great for the mind:)

  2. I’m glad you liked your first hot yoga class. I agree, I felt amazing afterwards, but it was almost too hot for me. I think it was the humidity more than anything!

    The second picture is of one of the instructors at my yoga studio! I’ve not done hot yoga with her before though.

    • No way! That’s so awesome!! haha
      I feel like 95 degrees was perfect for me, I don’t know if I could handle doing 105 degrees (some studios I found do it in 105 degrees). I felt a little dizzy at first but it was good afterwards.

  3. I absolutely love hot yoga- I’ve done it on and off for a few years and I feel totally refreshed and detoxified after. I’m do glad you liked it!

  4. Great to hear you enjoyed it! I used to do it obssessively but had to give it up due to time pressures – one day I will go back though! It’s amazing and posts like this always make me miss it 🙂

  5. Sounds great…I have been hearing so much about Hot Yoga. I am going to have to find one near me to try.

  6. I’ve never done Hot Yoga before.. If I’m honest, I have never done yoga in my life!

    • I personally love yoga and a lot of people like it that didn’t think they would. My boyfriend thought it was going to be easy peasy but it’s a legit workout, he was surprised. But then if you’re not into doing work outs like that you can try gentle yoga which just does WONDERS for how you feel afterwards and your body. I highly recommend it

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