My purchases from GNC & Amazon + Enjoy Life Plentil Chips {review}

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I really like sharing my recent grocery hauls, especially when I make some pretty awesome purchases (if I say so myself, haha). I get pretty excited and I just wanna share with the world what I buy and I can’t exactly go and post on Facebook what I buy everytime or else my friends will begin thinking I’m a weirdo crazy person. I don’t want to annoy them. But you guys come to my blog to read food related things and so of course I feel it’s only appropriate to share. Anyway, I’m gonna begin the post with showing you guys what are some cool purchases I made first.


First, I have a GNC Gold members card thingy, which is a total rip off because I was not told that the discount of 20% is only valid the first 7 days of each month. I signed up (and paid for the membership) fully thinking I’m always gonna have the discount. So yeah, my disappointment is pretty huge that they refrained from telling me such an important “detail”. Damn it. I feel ripped off still, even though I got the membership a couple of months back. Anyway, I felt like I needed to take advantage of it; might as well, since it’s the beginning of the month and Heather has been raving about some products, I thought I’d go ahead and check them out for myself.

On my first visit I got these probiotics since I’ve been out of probiotics for a few months now and I felt it was time to get back on them. No reason, I just feel like my digestive system works better when I take them. Then I planned on getting that Whole Foods Blend that Heather talked about but the GNC associate told me a better fit would be this GNC Multi Active for Women (chocolate) since I don’t already take a multivitamin. Plus he said how it has an additional benefit of having all these antioxidants and some other stuff (already forgot lol). Sounded good, so I decided to try it out, fully aware of  their 30 day policy (which I took full advantage of, haha). And I used a coupon for a free iSatori Eat-Smart Protein Bar which was delicioussss but I’m pretty sure it’s one of those candy bars in disguise. Too bad it packs a whopping 330 calories :/ Still ate it though, I was hungry at work.

So then after much thought, I tried the GNC Active and liked it but Heather told me about the pill version. I’ve decided that it’d be a better choice for me to get the pill version as well instead of adding another chocolate powder to my powder collection. So I went back and exchanged it for the GNC Whole Foods Blend Berry flavor. I used the flavor in my yogurt and it rocked, just as she said! I also thought it would be a good pick because my protein powders are chocolate and vanilla flavor and I use them quite a bit, so adding a nutritional powder with a different flavor would be a good idea. I can’t eat chocolate flavored things every single time, right? (Yeah, about that…)


So then a few days after my GNC adventure, a package came in with stuff I ordered at Amazon. I love ordering stuff on there with their free shipping because it doesn’t come right away but when it does come, I’ve already forgotten what I ordered and it’s like Christmas all over again. Here’s the stuff I got off Amazon:

I got another multivitamin… yeah, I clearly forgot I ordered this one since I purchased another one at GNC, but that’s okay. I’m actually pretty excited about this one because it’s supposed to be all natural and plant-based with no artificial anything in it so it’s much better for you. Some blogger recommended it on her blog but I forgot who 🙁 Then I got another bag of PB2! Hell yeah! I always get the bigger pack because it comes out to be a lot cheaper ($8.90 as compared to almost $5 for a jar) so it’s worth it. This time they vacuum-sealed it all weird so it was super hard and I had to transfer the contents to my own container so that it’s easier to get to. And finally, popsile molds because I have ideas for popsicles but don’t wanna keep using the ice cube tray haha. We’ll see how this one is.


I also got a package from Enjoy Life Foods, which has become one of my favorite companies, I’ve gotten to try a bunch of their products already and I’ve been happy with them all so far. This time in the pretty package there were 4 bags of chips (for some reason I forgot to snap a pic of all 4 flavors I got so there’s only these 3 left when I figured it out haha). Not any ordinary chips though, because Plentils are chips made of high protein lentils. I’ve actually tried one of these chips before when I got my first KLUTCHclub box and really liked them.

Plentils are “chips with benefits” because they are 40% less in fat than regular potato chips, contain no artificial ingredients; they are also gluten free and free of 8 common allergens. If you look at the ingredients on the Sea Salt flavor, it only contains 5 ingredients (lentil powder, potato starch, safflower oil, salt, and turmeric)! But yet the flavor is really yummy and tastes just like the “bad for you” chips. I am not a chip girl, and I never have been too much into potato chips but everyone enjoys a taste here and there. For someone who isn’t a fan of chips in general, these are very yummy!

I used loved these chips by themselves but I figured it’d be an even cooler thing to crush them up a bit and throw them in a salad and it was a perfect topping! I like some texture in my salads 🙂 I tweeted about it a few day ago with a picture.

Disclaimer: I received the Plentil Chips products free of charge from the company, I was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are my own.

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. Again, I freakin’ love your pictures! all these finds seem awesome..that sucks about the GNC membership, though.. I HATE stuff like that, ha. I so need that bag of PB2… love amazon!!

  2. Oh man I am dying to try those plentils You got a great haul.

  3. Yay! I’m so glad to hear you love the Whole Foods powder as much as I do! Ugh, and I’m totally kicking myself for forgetting the discount week this month! I’ll have to mark my calendar for September…I’m sure by then I’ll be in high need of some powder restocking!

    Those chips sound great! That Margherita pizza flavor sounds so yummy!! I’m not a huge chip fan either…you know me, if it’s not a bar, I’m snacking on fruits and veggies all the way, but I have to say there have been a few out there that made me stop and ponder a chip-filled life! Lol A bag of Buffalo flavored Chip’ns (kinda like Popchips) may have sorta found their way home with me today after a TJ Maxx excursion…definitely going to be used as a salad topping in the VERY near future!

    I love grocery haul posts! I’m so curious/nosy about what other people buy! Lol

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