My Top 5 Tips to Getting a Better Night of Sleep – Updated

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Getting good sleep at night can be a hassle, especially after long days of work. However, you can make few tweaks that can help you get better nights of sleep.

If you are struggling to sleep well at night here are a few tricks and trips to help you

1.Relax before bedtime

Watching TV or using your phone before bedtime does more harm than good.

If you have to use any of these gadgets, do so an hour before bed because using them while in bed or a few minutes before bed will deprive you of good sleep. Instead of going to bed tired after a long day, take a hot shower to help you relax. Listening to some chilled tunes is much better instead. Here are my top songs for “me time”.

getting better sleep at night with a solid routine

Use every hour before bedtime for your quiet time and avoid eating or engaging in any activities.

It helps to tune your mind to ‘sleep mode’.

2. Buy a good mattress

A good mattress will contribute greatly to your comfort when you go to bed. According to studies, 47% of people don’t get adequate sleep due to the discomfort of their partner.

If your partner’s tossing and turning or snoring makes it difficult for you to sleep well at night, consider getting a new mattress.

A mattress should be steady enough that movements by your partner don’t disrupt your bedside. If your mattress is too hard or too soft that it sinks then chances are that your bed will feel uncomfortable. I like Tuft and Needle mattrasses but there are plenty of good brands to choose from nowadays. Just make sure to do your research!

You can find reliable review sites like to help you choose the right mattress.

3. Don’t leave the lights on

One common mistake that people do when they go to bed is leaving the lights on.

Any light will make it difficult for you to find sleep so make sure you sleep in a dark room. If you have to leave the lights on, dim them.

Avoid having electronics like TV or laptop in your bedroom because they will interfere with your sleep as well as your sleeping pattern.

4. Develop a good sleeping routine

Everyone has a natural sleep/wake up clock that determines when you sleep or wake up. If you are used to sleeping at a certain time, stick to it.

Lack of a proper sleeping routine will tamper with your sleeping patterns and this translates to more tossing and turning in bed instead of sleeping. It is advisable to sleep early and wake up early, but not the vice versa.

Also, try to sleep for 7 to 9 hours, which is recommended by most physicians.

5. Engage in more physical activity

Exercise is a great life hack to help you sleep better at night.

Numerous studies have been conducted to establish the effect that exercising during daytime has on an individual’s sleep schedule at night.

Less active people feel sleepy during the day and have trouble sleeping well at night.

On the contrary, being more active will enhance your sleep and chances are that you have a good night of sleep. So, even if you don’t find time to exercise, device ways to be more physically active during daytime.

In fact, exercising at the beginning of the day will keep your cortisol levels balanced during the entire day, meaning your stress levels will be set at “low” regardless of what you’ve got to go throught the day, granting a much, much better sleep quality too.


Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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