My tribute to Zumba and goodbye to my favorite Zumba instructor, Miguel

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Zumba is something I look forward to every Saturday at my gym. That afternoon class with Miguel have been my favorite workout of the week. Not only does he have the ability to make the class extremely fun but you always sweat and work your booty off! It’s the perfect combination of fun and fitness.

My first Zumba class was 2 years ago and I wasn’t exactly thrilled with my experience. I tried again with different instructors but it wasn’t until I went to Saturday’s class at Xsport taught by Miguel that I really fell in love with Zumba. I love his energy; he gets so excited and happy, you can truly see his love for Zumba during the class – he has us laughing at one moment, getting down and dirty with a sexy face on the next – the whole time I felt like I’m at the most fun party I’ve ever been to (cause, yeah, I don’t really dance at regular parties). He is so friendly and encouraging – it has really transformed by attitude toward dancing and Zumba Fitness as a whole. Thanks for Miguel, I fell in love with it. I looked forward to every Saturday to get my “freaky nasty” on. I might have not been the freakiest nastiest one there, with my limited dance skills, but I had so much fun and I sweated – that’s all that matters.

Our class at Xsport State St; March 2012

I’m not exactly an extrovert when it comes to dancing – I know I’m not very good at it. I’m too stiff, I’m much better at boxing or kickboxing or even yoga than at flowy movements such as dance or ballet… but in Miguel’s class, all of those worries and anxieties get checked at the door as he smiles and cheers us on to give it all we’ve got and just go with the music. Miguel’s Zumba Fitness class is easily the BEST one I have ever attended.

Sadly, yesterday was his last time teaching at Xsport. It made me really sad to hear. When he first said that, I had to choke back tears. Thankfully, I managed well.. I had to think of puppies and some other unrelated things to keep from crying at the announcement. It’s crazy because my friends know me as a VERY unemotional person – I don’t cry, I don’t show emotion – so my reaction actually took me by surprise! Through the class, with hyper movement and amazing music, the worry went to the side. We danced to the best songs he had; we all went crazy and “dirty” during the class. It was one of the most fun classes and I sweated a whole bunch! Then at the end he had us do our all-time favorite:

and afterwards, he chocked up and shed some tears. At seeing that, I tried so hard not to cry. I hate crying in front of people. But he truly is the best instructor I have ever had – he made me fall in love with Zumba, he made it easy for me to want to go the gym at the time when I was at my highest weight and often didn’t feel like exercising – with Zumba, I always wanted to go – he always made me feel amazing after, very cheerful and uplifting. Miguel is onto bigger and better things and I will not be surprised if he ends up famous with his own studio or having some DVD set with his Zumba, or teaching celebrities. I honestly will not be surprised. He deserves it. So although I am sad to see him leave us, I am happy for him to continuing his career and reaching higher toward his dreams.

And I’m gonna stay on the lookout for Miguel’s next classes in Chicago that are open to public and you already know I will be attending!


Miguel, if you’re reading this – you freaking ROCK! That’s all. Keep dancing and smiling as I will too. I’m glad you chose Victor as your replacement, from the one time he subbed for you, I liked his class too cause he had a similar style to yours. So yeah! DANCE ON!

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. Truly a wonderful tribute! Instructors do make all the difference.

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  3. Aww! It’s so awesome when you find that perfect combination with a fitness class and instructor! I’ve never really been a fan of Zumba…I’ve tried it two or three times but just couldn’t “get it”…I have the rhythm of a stick! Lol But I LOVE Bodypump and there are two instructors at my gym who are the BEST at getting me motivated and helping me have so much fun whenever I go. I would definitely be sad to see them leave.

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