Nature’s Flavors Review

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Check out my recent breakfast. Yeah, my breakfasts tend to look on the verge of dessert-y. I made caramel/chocolate yogurt pudding topped with Chex cereal and caramelized banana. I topped that with some Sweetnol maple-flavored syrup.

I’ve been loving these flavor concentrates from Nature’s Flavors. I admit, ever since Katie started posting about adding caramel extract to her smoothies, I’ve wanted some caramel extract of my own but I couldn’t find any that was all natural. Until now, that is. I first saw the brand mentioned by Heather so I explored the company further. These flavor extracts/concentrates are natural and contain no artificial junk. Whew. They totally work too! The caramel one is my favorite though as you might have already noticed.

I enjoyed the peanut butter one and the bananas foster one too but I am able imitate those flavors by myself a lot easier than the caramel one. That’s why caramel cream is the winner of these three in my book. But seriously they have SO many organic and natural flavors on their website it’s amazing. Plus they make each one ready to order, they don’t have a factory where these sit around and wait to be bought. They are made freshly for you. So it’s awesome. I have my eye glued on a couple more varieties that I’ll be buying in the near future. My poor wallet. My happy tastebuds.

Nature's Flavors
Did I mention that I also love this pancake syrup? Yes, I guess it’s a pancake syrup but I don’t use it exclusively for pancakes. As you could tell by my yogurt concoction above, I topped it with this maple-flavored syrup too. I didn’t have to feel bad either because unlike actual maple syrup this maple-flavored syrup is not loaded with calories or sugar but yet it is still all natural. No artificial junk here! Whew again. I was totally surprised to find that this syrup actually does taste like maple syrup!

Nature's Flavors

I did find that the Nature’s Flavours Sweetnol maple-flavored syrup is a little bit less thick than actual maple syrup, however it is thick enough to use as a topping for yogurt concoction above or the way it’s intended to be used –  as pancake syrup. Just look how nicely it pours over my chocolate chip protein pancookie. Maple flavored magic. For real.


No longer do I have to feel guilty about draining my pancakes in maple syrup. Finally, those days are gone. Well, I never really felt guilty about it but if I ever was to feel guilty about it, I don’t have to. Pancake heaven at no extra cost of calories and sugar. Woopee.

Disclaimer: Nature’s Flavours has graciously sent me these products to check out for free but all opinions are my own.

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. dam, I need some of that maple syrup!!! Natures Flavors have some good things here! I’m going to check them out!! Thanks for the post!

  2. Kamila, we are glad you love us! We love you too!

    We have a deal right now! Check it out!

    FREE SHIPPING NOW THROUGH CHRISTMAS DAY!! on orders up to $250, plus a free gift.

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  4. Nice review! Just curious. Do these flavors smell out of the bottle?

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