Neosporin Face Mask: Is it Effective to Treat Spots or Not?

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Neosporin Face MaskEvery person’s dream, especially for women, is to have a clear complexion and flawless skin especially on their face. When we hit puberty, blemishes would start to appear on our faces because of the hormones produced. While some are lucky that their breakouts stop after puberty, some may still have them for more years to come.

Pimples are not only unattractive and annoying, they can sometimes be painful as well. It affects our self-confidence a lot and can even cause depression to some people. As we all know and have experienced, first impressions are important.

If somebody sees that you have a lot of blemishes on your face, it is highly likely that they may deem you as unhygienic. But sometimes, no matter how clean you are, it is still possible for you to get pimples. Aside from puberty, there are still a number of causes as to why we get acne. Here are some examples:

  • Menstruation
  • Stress
  • Your face is producing too much oil
  • From eating too much spicy food
  • From dirty objects where your face gets in contact with like your mobile phone or pillow
  • When you are consuming too much carbohydrate-rich foods and dairy
  • Touching your face too much
  • Overuse of skin care products especially those that contains benzoyl peroxide and other over the counter treatments
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Scrubbing your face too hard

In any case that you have acne regardless of the cause, you will surely want to do something to remove them. You can either go visit a dermatologist or buy an acne remedy at the store.

What makes it worse is that there there will come a time that you may accidentally pop your pimple or there are cases that it opens up on its own. When this happens, there is a tendency that it will leave scars on your face which are harder to get rid of than acne.

To prevent this, people are using face masks that are marketed as a “spot treatment”. With so many products available in the market, it may get difficult to choose which one really works. There has been a talk for many years now that Neosporin can be great to treat spots.

What is Neosporin?

Neosporin is an ointment that can be easily found on anybody’s medicine cabinet. The purpose of this is to prevent minor cuts from getting infected since it is antibacterial.

It is also used to help speed-up the healing process of a minor wound or cut which gave people the idea that this can be used on acne as well. There has been a lot of people who are using Neosporin on their face and got great results.

Some However, there has been a debate that you should never use Neosporin to treat your spots. To weigh in whether it can be a great remedy for you acne, let us discuss its pros and cons. First, let us begin with the pros:

  • It has healing ingredients such as zinc, neomycin, bacitracin, and polymixin-B
  • It prevents any sort of infection and is designed to kill bacteria on the skin
  • Helps minor wounds to heal faster
  • Can help improve the appearance of your skin when used twice a day for less than a week

With the information above, it does seem like it is an effective remedy for acne scars. So what causes the debate? Here is a list of cons by using Neosporin:

  • Neosporin is specifically designed for wounds and it is not great for acne
  • The ingredients in it are not really acne-friendly
  • It contains olive oil which can clog your pores and can cause for you to have breakouts
  • Its base is also made from petroleum jelly which can worsen your acne
  • It should not be used for more than a week as this may cause your skin to be unaffected by antibiotics which will affect you in the long run
  • It doesn’t do anything for acne-causing bacteria

There is no final answer whether Neosporin should be used as a face mask to treat spots. It is true that it is a great remedy to heal wounds. But since it is an antibacterial, it is not good to use it for long periods of time as it may kill-off the good bacteria on your skin too.

Make sure to research well before deciding to use this type of treatment on your skin. If you feel like Neosporin is not a good match for you, then it is much better that you use products that are specifically designed for whatever skin problem you have.


Having acne can be a huge pain both physically and emotionally. Having acne can greatly affect our self-confidence and image. Acne begins to appear right when we hit puberty and would sometimes disappear after. But to some, it can still be a problem even as adults.

Aside from puberty, there are still a lot more causes as to why we get acne and that is from smoking, eating too much spicy food, touching or nitpicking on your face, emotional stress, and menstruation.

What makes acne so much worse is the scar it leaves on your skin when you accidentally pop your pimple. Treating acne spots can be a difficult task with so many remedies available in the market.

There has been a debate whether Neosporin can help treat acne scars and spots. Neosporin is an antibacterial ointment used for minor wounds and small cuts. It can help speed up the healing process of a wound. Because of this reason, people got the idea of using it as a remedy for their acne.

As great as it may sound, there are also nay-sayings regarding Neosporin. Whether you decide to use this on your face as a mask or not will truly and solely depend on you. Just make sure not to use it for more than a week. Also try to consider buying products that are made specifically for your face instead.

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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