Our trip to Central Illinois and Amish Country

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My parents and I made a short trip to Central-South Illinois to visit the Amish country there and have ourselves a little getaway from the city and suburbs. When I said I wanted to go to see the Amish country, my mom got really excited – she apparently already even had some info collected about the town of Arthur, IL and we were set to go. My dad just wanted to go somewhere, anywhere, so he was just as happy to make the trip.

Our trip to the cabin lasted about 3-4 hours. It was a longer trip than I expected. On our way there, we stopped at the first Amish looking town of Arcola, IL. While the town sign said that it contains the largest Amish settlement, we honestly did not see any Amish people here at all. We weren’t also entirely sure of what to look for or what to expect. But people had cars and everything, so we didn’t know if maybe our perception of the Amish was skewed and they actually are more modernized by now than we thought. We started our trip on Sunday so a lot of establishments were closed. We did make a visit to one of the antique shops though. It was interesting.

Truthfully, I’m not into antiques at all. I find them kind of creepy. The whole time I was in the store I kept wondering if it was haunted with all of the old possessions. My mom didn’t like it either. Oh well. Anyway, on we went to our cabin. After much driving around in the middle of nowhere in back roads with nothing but fields and farms around us, we finally got there!

Our cabin – the little cabin of Coyote Cabins – was freaking AMAZING. Oh man, it included seriously everything we could ever need. It was simply amazing how much we got for such a small price.

We had a lovely patio that spread by two sides of the cabin with the view of nothingness. It was relaxing.

A cute little fireplace. We didn’t use it, but how romantic it could be, right?

They have the place stocked full of games, books, guides, CDS and DVDs (not pictured). They also had a journal in which visitors could write about their stay along with the owners’ photo books. It really gave the cabin even more personality.

One of the rooms had a huge king size bed.

The other had two twin sized beds. Both of the bedrooms were stocked with more quilts and blankets as well.

The living room is just so cute and cozy. The kitchen was also stocked with everything we could possibly need (not pictured) including condiments, utensils, plates, etc.

the cabin also included a GOLF CART – which I became totally obsessed with. It was so much fun. We rode it to a nearby pond which was very peaceful. Man, golf carts are so much fun. The cabin also had a set for badminton which my mom and I couldn’t stop playing – we played for like an hour on Sunday and another hour on Monday before breakfast. So much fun!

When we got a bit hungry, we took a trip to the closest grocery store (in Sullivan, IL – about 30 minutes away from the cabin) and got some food to throw on the BBQ and then later for the fire.

I thought the shadow looked really cool

We spent the evening talking, eating fire-roasted sausage and potatoes, drinking beer and relaxing. It was truly lovely. Just what I needed. The following day, we set to leave the cabin and onto the real Amish town of Arthur, IL. On our way there, we saw a huge pig. It’s belly was SO big it was literally dragging across the floor!

Upon arriving to Arthur, IL we saw a lot of Amish houses (no cars, all horse carriages) and people riding carriages. Some Amish were also driving cars which was interesting. We thought those people might be the Yoders, since they are less conservative. But it was just a guess, we barely know anything about the Amish culture. We didn’t take any pictures in the town since I heard they didn’t like pictures (technology and all) but it was a cool town. We visited some local shops and got some stuff. Here is some of the stuff I got:

Pure honey, two different mustards, mixed veggie chips, rolled oats (SO cheap!), Jasmine scented handmade all-natural soap.

Gooseberry fruit spread, Blackberry jam, Blueberry jam, and applesauce (all sugar-free and really cheap). I also got Apple butter but I forgot it in the car so I’ll get it back when I go visit my parents next weekend.

Pretty awesome trip overall. Make sure you check back tomorrow while I list the eats of the weekend in WIAW.

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Kammie wants to know:

  • How do you feel about antique stores?

  • Have you ever been to an Amish community?

Let me know in the comments below!

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. What a fun trip! I adore antique shops.. but the trick, I think, is to find something that looks “pretty” (lol) then when you get it home and wash it up, it doesn’t have any of that “creepiness” to it:) Looks like an adorable cabin and a wonderful holiday!!

    • Yeah, I guess a lot of those antique things haven’t been washed in ages! Some stuff was interesting. I just had a strange vibe off of it. Maybe the place WAS haunted! haha. Thanks for commenting, Smidge 🙂

  2. What a neat little getaway! I wish I was more into antiques … I love the look of a lot of them, but they freak me out too 😉 I want gooseberry jam!

  3. Sounds like a fun trip! I love the Amish country. Your cabin is soooo cute!

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  9. Kammie,
    I appreciated your adventure into Illinois Amish Country and your comments about the experience. I would like to invite you for another trip. It’s easy to overlook some of the little gems of a place without a guide. Arcola, for example, is hosting a photographers’ event, “The Prairie Experience” (See http://www.theprairieexperience.com/) August 23-25, 2013 that culminates in the publication of prairie pictures in a nationally distributed book. You might be interested.
    Also at our conveniently located (1 block from downtown) Bed and Breakfast, we serve a legendary seven-course breakfast that is embellished with herbs and flowers from our gardens. It’s a “sensual appeal” experience worthy of your blog.
    Arcola also features the World’s Only Hippie Memorial, a brush and broom museum, and, just outside of town, the Amish community starts, including a well-known attraction called Rockome Gardens (www.rockome.com).

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