Pal’s Advice: 5 Tips for preparing a fishing boat

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As you prolly know, I live near a lake. Which means lovely picnics by the shore, fishing time, and gorgeous photo locations.

My pal Robert recently bought a small fishing boat and we spent last weekend chillin’, doing some fishing , and overall having a fantastic time. I thought the topic of preparing a fishing boat was a nice fit for the new series “Pal’s Advice” so, here I hand it to Robert’s:

When you are looking to go out for a fishing expedition the one thing which every fisherman has to be sure about is the state of the boat.

There are numerous advantages of fishing from a boat as compared to fishing on a small vessel. A boat can reach into many areas meaning that you will have more fishing ground to cover. Here are some of the tips for preparing your boat for fishing.

My 5 Steps to enjoy fishing weekends on your new boat

1. Register Your Boat

Many states require that before a boat is taken out to water, the owner have to register the boat and get the required papers.  

Once the boat is licensed stickers and papers will be displayed on the side to show the jurisdiction that the boat falls under.

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The licensing of the boat will make use of letters and numbers which will be issued to the boat and stuck somewhere visible on the boat. It’s important that one checks the guide to fishing boat registration letters to know the actual steps to have the boat registered.

2. Purchase Safety Equipments

A boat before it can go for fishing expedition requires having a number of safety equipment. Law requires most of these equipment while others are just for your safety.

The safety equipment which you will need to include life jackets and personal floating equipment.

The law requires that there be enough life jackets for everyone on the boat.

3. Purchase supporting equipment

A boat before it can go out fishing it needs to have supporting equipments. One of the key supporting equipment that you need is the anchor.

The anchor will come in handy when you are looking to keep the boat is a stationary position or when you are looking to add more stability to the boat.

When purchasing an anchor, it’s important to make sure that is enough nylon rope to reach the bottom

4. Check the integrity of the boat

Before you can go out fishing you need to check the integrity of the boat, this means that you have to check for signs of wear and tear around the boat.

The things which you need to be looking out for include cracks, dent, or signs of water damage. The areas which you need to pay very close attention are the bottom part an around the rivet.

The next areas to check is in the lights are working correctly and whether the boat has any other signs of defects.

  5. Check the motor

The other equally important place that you need to check is the motor. You need to make sure that there is no fluid leak and just to be on the safe side, you can change the oil.

It is also important to check if there are parts which need replacement and replace them before going out to the waters.

Clean the different part of the motor like the propeller and remove any debris that may have been stuck.

You should now be prepared to get your boat ready! See you fishing 😀

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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