Pal’s Advice: 5 Tips to Building a Tool Shed as a DIY Project

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Today, in the new section of the blog “Pal’s Advice” (Which I’m absolutely LOVING btw, it’s so cool to cover topics so diverse thanks to my ridiculous abundance of good friends. I’m so blessed :D) we’ve got a few tips for you if you want to build a little garden shed for your tools. 

My buddy Tristan has recently built one as part of a bigger garden project so I hit him up and here are his tips:

Building a tool shed can be an opportunity to demonstrate your handyman skills. While it can be a pretty simple and straightforward project if you know what you’re doing, there will still be many things to consider in order to complete the task successfully.

A tool shed should be easily accessible, functional, and fit into the landscape. You’ll have to consider which materials you should use, as it will determine the cost of the project, as well as the quality of the structure you’ll be building.

Whether you just want a small shed to store your tools or a more elaborate structure, you’ll to follow step-by-step instructions that will enable you to build a shed you always dreamed of.

Take some time to read these five essential tips that will help you build a tool shed on your own.

Choose the Materials

Before you go on with the actual construction, it’s best you first decide which materials you will be using. In most cases, it’s best you use cedar wood boards for the foundations and asphalt shingles for roofing. The size of the shed you plan on building will play an important role in determining the cost of materials so keep in mind that larger shed will require more materials and cost you more money.

Tip: Make a plan of your shed with exact measurements and also a list of materials needed to build it.


Prepare the Ground for Shed Foundation

Prior to starting the construction and laying the foundations, prepare the ground and make sure it’s drained, cleared of any rubble and everything else that might present an obstacle.

Once the ground preparation has been completed, proceed to lay the foundation of your new shed.

The type of foundation will depend on the size of the shed. Small sheds don’t need to rest on deep foundations but larger ones will require deeper and solid foundations.

Build the Floor and Walls

This is the essential part of the construction project. When the foundation has been finished, carefully fit the floor on the base and then add the walls one by one. Make sure you have measured everything correctly before you carry on to nail the panels together.

Start with the walls that have no door, as the wall with the door on it should be the last one to add.

Gear up! Make sure to count with the right tools. My buddy Tristan from CardioCritic vouches for DeWalt as his brand of choice.

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If you’re in the US, Amazon has loads at great prices. He’s UK based and recommends

Construct a Roof

The roof should be constructed by using the already prepared roof panels. Check your building plan to make sure the panels fit into position. Providing you’ve done everything according to plan, there should be no problem with roof construction.


If you want your shed to last more, consider a metal roof which costs more but is more resilient to weather conditions.

Check Whether You Need a Permit

Be sure to check with your local authorities whether you need a building permit for your shed. The regulations vary from state to state but in general, smaller sheds won’t require a building permit. The link above covers a good chunk of info for the UK. In the US, remember each state has their own rules for everything… 😛

There may also be other regulations that you need to follow so make sure you collect all the information before you start the project.  

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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