Pal’s Advice: 5 Tips to Making Your Motorhome Accessible

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I was recently doing some research as the idea of buying an RV is becoming more and more attractive every day. ​

I hit an old friend from Leeds who runs an RV accessories business for some tips. 

We bounce some emails and I thought I should put together some of his tips on a post. 

Efficiency we call it in the blogging world 😀

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When you are going out for a trip or for a leisure experience in a motorhome, you want to have access to this home and ensure that you can use it wherever you stop. 

How easy is it for you to climb the motorhome? Do you find it difficult to step into the motorhome or out of the motorhome? 

If you are aged and have a problem with going up or down the motorhome, then you need to buy special stairs so that you can easily and comfortably be able to climb up and down the motorhome.

Here are 5 tips for making your motorhome accessible:

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1.Portable steps that can be folded

Your motorhome is definitely a vehicle that could be high in the build.

As such, you want a situation where you can climb it up and down the easiest way possible. 

You can buy the portable steps that can be folded so that you can carry them wherever you need to go on your motorhome. 

With the foldable steps, your caravan or your RV will be easy to access.

These can be unfolded from the main support and locked into place. 

You can use the steps and once you are done, you only need to fold it back and store it in the motorhome.

2.Double caravan steps

For the people who may have some form of mobility problems, this double caravan steps will come in handy to ease their access to the motorhome or their caravan.

One of the advantages of the double steps is that they are portable. As such, you can carry the steps wherever you move with your motorhome.

It is also safe for any weather condition.

You will not need to worry about the effects of weather on the double steps.

3.Single caravan step

This is a single stepping stool that is high enough for your specific caravan or motorhome.  

The stepping stool will come in handy for your access to your caravan or your motorhome. 

If you have any stress on your hips, the single step is easy on you. It is lightweight and comes with a handrail to make it easy for you to use it and enjoy the experience.

4.Powered steps

This  is powered by a battery and comes with a remote control for your ease of usage.

This is specifically made for people who could have problems such as arthritis and other conditions that make it difficult for them to use stairs to access their motorhomes.

5. The suction support bar

This is yet another solution for people who will not be able to access their motorhomes either because of the height of the motorhome or the caravan.

It gives you ease of movement when you are entering or exiting the motorhomes.

You will use it for your support in motorhomes that have non-slip surfaces.

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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