How to Have The Perfect Solo Date During the Holidays (Ps. It includes Chocolate… and Wine)

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I am a member of Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community and this is a sponsored post. Now go ahead and check out the loveliness of chocolate wine and a perfect holiday  solo date. Also, this post is intended for readers of legal drinking age (21+)! 

Content for 21+: How to Have The Perfect Solo Date During the Holidays #Cheers2Chocolate #Shop #Cbias

Okay so there are many ways to have a lovely “me” time date. Mine frequently include perfect soothing songs, chocolate (or sweets in general) and sometimes they include a cozy movie. Before I begin the post, let me give you a disclaimer: I don’t actually drink that frequently, or a lot. But when I do drink, I like to drink things that I really enjoy. I don’t drink crappy or poorly tasting drinks, whether it’s beer, a cocktail, or wine. I know what I like and I like to indulge in something that tastes perfect for whatever mood I’m in. Always with moderation, of course 🙂 – my friends can attest to that (I am known as the “conscience” of the group)

Content for 21+: How to Have The Perfect Solo Date During the Holidays #Cheers2Chocolate #Shop #Cbias

The holiday season is a lovely one. Everyone seems so much happier and I think that happiness translates to a generally more positive atmosphere all around. Even thought Q4 is coming to an end and things may be hectic, I always feel upbeat and joyful during this time, no matter how stressful things could be. It’s this lovely energy. There’ something about it.

Certainly Christmas lights help. I am a HUGE sucker for Christmas lights and I mentioned that they are one of the things I simply cannot get enough of this holiday season. I may or may not also keep Christmas lights up in my room year-round… (okay, I do. There is no question about this. Hey, I just really like the ambiance they provide. It’s so romantic). Truth.

Content for 21+: How to Have The Perfect Solo Date During the Holidays #Cheers2Chocolate #Shop #Cbias

Another thing that makes me super jolly? Chocolate. I don’t deny myself that deliciousness and I have it quite frequently (especially lately, my goodness-  I am quite the chocoholic lately, January’s sugar detox cannot come soon enough, hahah – okay, this is only half-true). And more… what else makes me happy and always has the ability to turn a regular relaxing “me” time moment into the perfect one? A lovely glass of wine.

I have been just SO excited about the fact that I have adapted to red wine. I used to really dislike red wine. My mom pretty much scarred me haha.

Well, that’s an exaggeration but she always preferred me to drink red wine because of its health benefits as compared to cocktails or beer (although the latter isn’t all bad, depending on what kind it is). The first time I had red wine she gave me some “expert-level” wine aka a super dry one. Literally, the driest wine you could probably find. She likes dry reds. Um… yeah, giving a super dry red wine to a girl who loves her sweets and has never had red wine before? Not a good idea. Dry reds are an acquired taste, to say the least. I still don’t like them. So that moment basically ruined red wine for me for like 2 years.

Then a couple of months ago I tried another red wine (Cabarnet Souvignon) and I actually liked it! Then I tried Zinfindel and I loved that too! From then on, I self-proclaimed myself as a new-born wine lover! I was actually super happy and I even sent my mom a picture of the wine to show her that I was drinking it. Haha.

Okay well, this was not supposed to turn into a story time. Anyway, so you all know my chocolate love, right? Seriously – what is better?

Well… have you ever had chocolate wine? Well you’re about to have your world changed… I just tried ChocolatRouge! Mind. Blown.

Content for 21+: How to Have The Perfect Solo Date During the Holidays #Cheers2Chocolate #Shop #Cbias

Okay, but let’s back up… you may already know that I put having “me” time at utmost importance. I think having solo dates are very important.

Why should you have Solo Dates during holidays?

Well it’s simple. Having dedicated “me” time during this wonderful yet often extra busy time of the year allows us to…

  • relax and de-stress
  • enjoy our time alone (solitude rocks mmkay)
  • do what we’ve been wanting to do (like read a book, watch a movie)
  • feel pampered (mani pedi anyone?)
  • indulge without guilt (beautiful dinner? perfect indulgent dessert?)

Content for 21+: How to Have The Perfect Solo Date During the Holidays #Cheers2Chocolate #Shop #Cbias

I wanted to relax and have a nice night-in. Just me, Christmas light and some feel-good movies… along with a delicious indulgent glass of vino.

Content for 21+: How to Have The Perfect Solo Date During the Holidays #Cheers2Chocolate #Shop #Cbias

Oh, by the way – check out the lovely set Meredith’s mom got us for our apartment! How cute is this? The glasses and everything… simply adorable! I love it. So I was finally able to drink some wine in a normal wine glass. I was so happy – calls for gorgeous photos 😉

Content for 21+: How to Have The Perfect Solo Date During the Holidays #Cheers2Chocolate #Shop #Cbias Content for 21+: How to Have The Perfect Solo Date During the Holidays #Cheers2Chocolate #Shop #Cbias

Oh yes… chocolate wine. Glorious. If you like chocolate and you like red wine.. I mean, you have to try this. I only tried the milk chocolate one which is the hero flavor so far and it is rather indulgent and tastes like a dessert. I’m trying the sweet red wine with chocolate on Wednesday when my ladies and I are having a movie and wine night 🙂 Excited!

Go ahead and check out ChocolatRouge website and like them on Facebook!

Questions for you:

  • Have you ever tried a chocolate wine before?
  • How often do you take time for “Solo Dates”? What do they consist of?

Let me know in the comments!

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. Great post! With family and friends over for the holidays, it’s so hard to find time for yourself. These are fantastic tips and I will be using that chocolate wine!

  2. You’re so right – I love a night in on my own with wine and chocolate. I especially love red wine in the winter 🙂

  3. I’m not a wine drinker, but chocolate wine? I might have to try this!

  4. I have solo dates ALL THE TIME!!! ha ha ha! They keep me SANE 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos – very festive, they put you in the right mood for the holidays!

  6. Those wine glasses are awesome and I think I need one of these Solo Dates that you speak of! Thank you for participating in this campaign!! #client

  7. Hello Kammie,
    Thanks to share this beautiful and colorful post,really its very awesome to see.It induces me to atten a party now 🙂

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