Got ’em pearly whites aka Premium Home Teeth Whitening Kit XCR-2020 {Review}

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I purchased a deal from Groupon Goods recently for a Premium Home teeth whitening kit(XCR-2020: whatever that means). It looked pretty awesome on paper. I’ll show you guys what the thing looked like on Google Goods: $29 for Premium Home Whitening Teeth-Whitening Kit ($158 List Price) with free shipping. Umm… YES!! 

So basically you pay $29 for a Premium Home Whitening teeth-whitening kit ($158 list price). Here’s their pitch info thing:

“Premium Home Whitening’s kits blanch chompers up to five shades with FDA-compliant gels. To begin, users press mold-and-bite trays against the upper and lower mouth ridges, creating a custom mold for enamel outlines. After a conservative squirting of US-made carbamide peroxide gel, users insert their impressions into the mouth while clutching the micro LED light between their lips. Treatments should be self-administered for 30–60 minutes once or twice per day for a total of seven to nine sessions, which provides ample time to watch TV, read books, or challenge cats to competitive staring contests. Features: Can whiten teeth up to five shades; FDA-compliant carbamide peroxide gels; Custom-molded trays for upper and lower teeth; Mini LED light speeds up whitening process and directs Lego traffic; Visible results after 7–9 sessions.”

So I bought it cause I’m an impulse online shopper when it comes to deals and it came within a couple of days.

Okay first of all, the instructions are not clear enough. There need to be pictures and way more information. Or a website that we could go to to see more information about this. Clearly, it seems like a very specific way to apply this thing but yet I don’t entirely get what’s supposed to go where. There isn’t enough information on this whitening kit as to how to clean it, how to use it… I’m a little confused at this point but alright.

So first, we’re supposed to mold the tooth forms to our teeth by letting it sit in warm/hot water for a while so that it softens up and molds to our teeth. Did this work? Absolutely not. The molds did not get molded to my teeth at all. They stayed the same. I tried this so many times. Nothing. So yeah, that’s a fail. Pretty major fail.

Again to the instructions, they don’t really say where and how much and how exactly to put the whitening gel into the mold. Where do I distribute it? All around? Up front or on the bottom? Where?!? Who knows. No idea. So I just did what I thought I should do and put them on bottom/front of the mold. Then I go to put the teeth molds onto my teeth and it says not to get the whitening gel onto gums cause it might cause irritation. Well I’m sorry but the molds DID NOT form onto my teeth so obviously the gel will seep out. And it does. Especially on the lower part. No idea where it’s going but this is extremely uncomfortable to hold in mouth for 30 minutes along with the UV light in front. It actually hurts my gums as the molds are inside in my mouth because it goes way over them. I can feel the molds going against my gums and it causes me considerable amount of pain. I’ll be pissed if my gums come out irritated and in even more in pain afterwards.

Then you’ve gotta put the blue gel into the molds to demineralize your teeth. This is so much hassle already, jeez. And again, the instructions say to do it once a week but isn’t the whole process supposed to only last a week? And it doesn’t say how much to put into the tray so I just went for a similar amount as for the whitening gel, which by the way, was not super clear either and a picture would have definitely helped me get a better understanding of how much I’m actually supposed to be putting into the tray.

So this is a whole lot of hassle and if anyone bought this kit for the original price, well…. I feel bad for you. This product is proving to be very deficient so far. I guess only time will tell how it actually works.

[x days later]

My gums got bleached around the tooth sometimes after a session, but it would go away the next day. I could also feel them throbbing a bit after a session. No major tooth sensitivity happened and I used the blue gel for demineralizing the teeth only twice.

In summary, did my teeth get whiter? Maybe. I didn’t take any before/after pictures but I think they do look a bit whiter. They weren’t yellow or anything beforehand but I think they are whiter now than they were before. Was the purchase worth it? It’s debatable… I think I’ve had the same results with any other whitening system (like Crest) but those are usually around $50, so maybe it is worth it from the price standpoint. I just wish they were more comfortable and explained it better how to use it. And it’d be cool if there wasn’t any extreme gum sensitivity that may follow. (ouch)

Have you ever used a tooth whitening system?


Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. Wow! That is a very complex setup! I have been using a mix of coconut oil and baking soda 2/1 to brush my teeth and it leaves them white and very clean feeling!

  2. Lol :/ sorry not funny but you just look so sad yet so adorable haha. But in all seriousness though, sorry to hear about this defective product. Have you tried Crest White Strips? I found that they are one of the best things on the market and work very well. On the contrary, the white strips are expensive and they make my teeth hurt a bit (overly sensitive) but if I use them sparingly they work wonders!

    • Yes I have used those too! I like them, but I just wanted to see a different system since it was cheaper and LOOKED more legit. Sigh. I mean, I don’t need it desperately or anything it’s a vanity thing I wanted to check out. I’ll probably get myself some white strips soon again. My teeth do get slightly sensitive from those as well though.

  3. I hope this article will be reached by those people with teeth problems. Thank you for sharing these natural innovations.Check out for awesome new post here!

  4. Teeth Whitening is important because 58% of men saying teeth are the first thing they notice about a potential date.

  5. I got this kit recently, but lost the instructions. Do you know where i can find the official instructions for it?

  6. Hi Girls,

    Ive used every teeth whitening product available online possible, i even had my teeth whitening done in Westfield London and noting has worked,well the hour teeth whitening helped but i also have veeners and nothing lifted the colour of them

    i work for a sales company and visit clients all over the country i was recently working in east London and was with a client that had amazing teeth,They work in a beauty salon so at first i just thought standard amazing teeth until i asked,

    She recommended a home teeth whitening gel that they sell on their website, it looks a little bit like your one as it did come with a home laser but it is by far the best home whitening i have ever used,it even whitened the colour of my veneers,

    i did 15 mins a day for a week and now just top up once a month! only problem i found is that i did leave it for over an hour at first and it made my gums sore but i suppose that was my thought cos the instructions say not to! lol

    random post but i just wanted to share some love of my experience as i know myself how hard it is to find and trust a good home whitening kit!

    i bought my kit from and i bought the home laser kit for roughly £30!

    • P.S I also forgot to add after reading your blog, I found the best way to apply the gel in the mouth gaurds is to do 3 small tear drop sizes in the 3 main parts of the guard,Then once the mouth gaurd is put into the mouth the gel moulds altogether, If any gel goes over the guard it means your using too much xx

  7. Thank you so much for this review! I was just about to order it from Groupon.

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