Fun Survey Vlog + PROBAR review

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First comes a fun survey I got from Living Learning Eating. Get to know me a little better. 🙂


Now about the forementioned bars…

Another reason why I love having taken the journey to intuitive eating? I no longer feel like I should comply with some crazy made-up rules regarding calorie limits on bars. Before starting the intuitive eating journey in my life, I was afraid, literally afraid, of eating any protein/energy/meal bars that were more than 200 calories.

I don’t think I have to mention that every time I would eat one of those bars which were under 200 calories I was seldom ever satisfied. There were times where I ended up eating a few of those lower calorie bars because one would not satisfy me. Well duh, the lower calorie bars are usually a total tease – they may taste good but they are SMALL… therefore, they are gone before you even notice it. It’s hard to be satisfied with something you can eat in 5 bites. BAM, a full bar – gone. Where did it go? But it was so good… I want another…

So these PROBAR bars I received from the company couldn’t have come at a better time than now. It was a perfect way for me to break my obsession with eating only protein/energy bars that were under 200 calories. I said “screw it” and I just went for it. It makes total sense. A meal is supposed to be higher calorie! Um, hello? A normal meal is supposed to satisfy you! A meal should not be 200 calories! Come on now. So the meal bars are made to substitute a meal. While I try not to substitute real meals with bars, I do enjoy having these at work or school during class where I can’t just get up and leave to get real food. And guess what? These bars are AMAZING!

PROBAR protein bars


I got over the fact that they are around 360 calories each. The flavor of them is glorious and they are made with REAL WHOLE foods! No junk or artificial crap like the lower calorie bars I was eating before learning to take better care of my body. The Meal bars from PROBAR are high fiber, have 11g protein, and are full of Omega-3s and Omega-6! All of the ingredients are non-GMO project verified! And the flavors are just out of this world… I am able to just nibble on one of these meal bars and I find myself happy and satisfied afterwards. My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Coconut but honestly I love them all. And I’m not just saying that. They are seriously delicious.

Another bar I got to try were PROBAR’s CORE bars. These bars are lower calorie than the meal bars because they are not supposed to be used as meal substitution. The CORE bars are simply protein bars in mind-blowing flavors. These bars are around 290 calories and have 20g protein, are gluten-free and vegan and filled with Chia & Flax seeds, Omega 3 & 6, and 4g fiber.

PROBAR protein bars

I loveee these, the flavors rock and they are THICK! I have to say I no longer feel deprived after eating a protein bar like I did before. These thick crisp bars are so satisfying. They are coated with delicious chocolate and they most definitely do not taste healthy but they ARE! It’s hard to believe.

PROBAR protein bars

My favorite flavor of these is the Brownie Crisp. My least favorite is the Cookie Dough because it tastes too much like real cookie dough and I’m a weirdo who really dislikes cookie dough, haha.

PROBAR protein bars

Lastly, I tried their Bolt chews which are basically gummy fruit chews that give you a bolt of energy due to being filled with niacin, and vitamins B6 and B12. They are made with superfruits, and contain electrolytes and complex carbs. They are also gluten-free. These were my least favorite of the three varieties simply because I found them too sweet for my preference. I do remember eating them once and I was wired about 20 minutes later. Literally, I was ready to go! Haha, it was weird.

PROBAR protein bars

Anyway, you Facebookers should like PROBAR’s page to show support and tell them I sent you 🙂

If you would like to make a purchase (and why wouldn’t you?) you can use a discount code “BLOGGER” that will get you 40% off your first order! Like you didn’t have enough reason to try these bars already?

Disclosure: I have received the product free of charge from the company. I was not otherwise compensated for the review. All opinions are my own.

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. I’ve been impressed with Probar, too. I agree that the chews are sweet for a snack, but they work great as long run fuel. 🙂

    • I don’t usually trust “energy” snacks but man, I had them today during work and I felt like I just had a coffee. Granted, I don’t drink full-caf coffee (ususally half-caf if that) but seriously, I was SOO wired! I was on my game, haha. I bet they are great for runs. I am planning on starting to run this spring so hopefully the weather improves finally. I’m a wuss!

  2. They DO look good. Nice review.

  3. I like your review on the probar. But which one is very good to our health, high calories or low calories food?
    Because you said that you don’t like low calories food.

    • You can’t determine which snacks are good for your health simply by the amount of calories they have, you have to look at more than that. Both low calorie and high calorie snacks can be good for your health. You have to look at other things it contains though: the ingredients, etc. to make a conclusion. It’s a matter of being satisfied, I tend to be more satisfied after eating a higher calorie bar if I am using it for lunch or when I’m getting hungry, otherwise a low calorie bar will not satisfy me.

  4. i’ve never tried a probar before!! they look tasty!! my favorite sandwich topping would def be avocado – avocado on anything is awesome!

    • They are my favorite! And man, this reminds me, I haven’t had avocado in a sandwich in forever! I’m long overdue for some of that yummy fatty green goodness. What’s your favorite thing to eat it with on a sandwich? Turkey?

  5. You are so cute! I love what you did with your hair. I’m also a major sweet/savory girl. Your combo sounds amazing. When I was a kid I also loved sweet cinnamon-raisin bread with cheese. I also love putting both spicy mustard and sweet relish in my tuna salad for that sweet/salty combo.

  6. Holy hell, hand over the cookie dough!! I’d GLADLY take it off your hands! 😉 I’ve seen the meal bars before but never the core…honestly I wouldn’t have tried either in the past for the same reasons as you. Good to know they are actually satisfying! I always love the honesty of your reviews!

    And I frickin love the photoshop pics in your vlog! I was cracking up! Lol

    1. My favorite shoe: My black ballet flats from Chinese Laundry or my Mizuno sneakers.
    2. Something I do every day: breathe! Lol
    3. Guilty pleasure: Arctic freakin’ Zero! Seriously, those guys should pay me for advertising! Or at least give me some stock in the company! 😉

    • Hahah hell yess Arctic Zero IS amazing! Wish it was cheaper though. That’s how I feel about me and Lifeway Kefir, they should seriously just give me some stock in the company I promote them so much haha.

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