Raspberry Mint Yogurt Bites

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Raspberry Mint Frozen Yogurt Bites

My parents’ garden is filled with raspberries. I love how easily they want to grow. Every day there is a ton of new ones ripening and they are simply delicious! No pesticides here, oh no. Why would we want to sacrifice taste to make sure a fruit is bug-free? Who cares if there’s a bug in there or if the raspberries come out big or small? I think flavor is what really matters in a delicious fruit.

Take non-organic strawberries for example – they barely taste like anything. Regular strawberries seem to have no flavor to me, similarly to many other berries as well as cherries. But try an organic berry and your world will be blown. The flavor is so intense and complex it simply bursts in your mouth and your tastebuds dance in joy as they have never danced before! Now that’s a celebration of fresh fruit!

Combining raspberries with fresh mint leaves seemed like a great idea. Adding yogurt to the mix, similarly how I did with the chocolate-covered yogurt bites a while back was the basis for the creation. This delicious snack does a great job at cooling you down on a hot summer day all while delivering important antioxidants and protein from the yogurt.

Gotta love quick (kinda) and easy summer desserts. This is why summer is my favorite. Nothing in the world beats fresh home berries. Yum!


~120 calories per recipe.

Kammie wants to know:

  • Have you ever frozen yogurt to use as popsicles or ice cream?

  • What’s your favorite ingredient to combine with mint?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great recipe!! I am loving these little yogurt snacks!!

  2. These are so pretty too! I love that they’re so healthy and the fresh raspberries would make them taste just unbelievable. I’d make a big version of these in my Popsicle trays just as soon as they show up at the market:) xoxo Smidge

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  4. What a great idea! I always need a healthy snack that’s easy and quickly ready. yum!

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