Recent finds from TJ’s, Whole Foods, and TJ Maxx

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I have gone grocery shopping on three separate occassions this week (as opposed to one or two). First, I went to Trader Joe’s to stock up on some staples but also picked up some new things. Then I went to Whole Foods to get some stuff for my foodie pen pal and got some new products for myself too. And then finally, I also made a trip to TJ Maxx to check out what new products they have in store. Here’s some of the new things I bought:

I ran out of cinnamon (Whole Foods) because I almost eat it by the spoonful, haha. Then I found some recipes that call for garlic powder (TJ’s) and basil (TJ Maxx for $3.99) so I got that too, I’m trying to make more “grown up” meals, not just sweet treats so I need more grown up spices too. My mom uses Turmeric (Whole Foods) in eggs and when sauteeing onions and it gives them a great flavor, plus it is super good for you. I decided to follow suit.

From Trader Joe’s, I got The Chunky Spicy Guacamole (yummy! and only 40 cal per 2 Tbsp), Nonfat cottage cheese and these Mahi Mahi burgers that Katie was talking about. You’re right, Katie, those rock!

From Whole Foods, I got a bunch of stuff for myself! Every trip there is so exciting, too bad most of the stuff is out of my price range though. Anyway, I was amazed at the variety of pastas they have there — I’m trying to include more pastas into my life because I’m truthfully pretty terrified of eating them but this Quinoa Pasta elbows looks awesome! I’m excited to try it out and I already know what recipe I’m using it for. I also decided to finally give in and buy a packet of Justin’s nut butter – chocolate hazelnut baby. We’ll see how similar it tastes to Nutella. Then I fond Arrowhead Mills Organic Sprouted Wheat Flour which is AWESOME because whole wheat flour is still highly processed and sprouted is always better for you 🙂 Great find. Finally, I found this Fat Flush Plan 100% flourless tortillas which are sprouted again and only 80 calories per tortilla. Perfect! They taste really good too!

My TJ Maxx trip was a bit more disappointing than I expected. I really wanted to find another cute ramekin to add to the one I already have but I didn’t find ANY at this store. I did manage to score these Bare Fruit Apple chips for $1.99 which are 100% organic and bake-dried. Then I found this adorable mug which I am planning on using as a ramekin anyway (versatility! and it’s just as big as my ramekin, so ha!) then I was happy to find these 90 degree shorts for my (hopefully) future outdoor jogs and runs and a medium resistance tubing. The light one I have from ChaLean Extreme’s program is already too easy for me. Gotta step it up 🙂

Hope you guys have a great rest of your Sunday!

Question of the day:

  • What’s your favorite thing you bought this week?

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. I do ChaLEAN Extreme too 🙂 I’m on my second round – ready to begin third week of Lean. Never tried it w/ the bands – always use free weights. Love bands though. Maybe when I do the alternating weeks I’ll try the bands. I think we have a set of all three resistances from some forgotten program the hubs tried – ha.

    • I finished ChaLEAN about 3-4 weeks ago, I wrote a review about it a while back. I didn’t use the bands for it either, I’m all for weights. I’m doing a different weight trianing based program now called Curvalicious and there are some exercises on there that I don’t have the machines for in my gym so I needed the bands for that. It’s mainly for this one butt exercise and shoulders. It really works well though!

  2. i LOVE grocery shopping! 🙂 my favorite thing i bought this week has got to be the container of nutritional yeast and jar of apple cider vinegar. both of them are so healthy and delicious!

    • I LOVE nutritional yeast flakes. They taste awesome and it’s almost hard to believe how good they are for you! I have yet to get into the whole apple cider vinegar thing. I know it helps with sinuses though. I’ll probably get some too eventually once I find more ways to use it.

  3. The most favorite that I have bought this week is the recipe that I found from another blog, that fruit smoochie consists of cucumber water and lemonade. Just taste so good and refreshing, perfect for summer.

  4. Haha I bought those exact same dried apples at TJ Maxx as well except without the cinnamon! I haven’t actually tried them yet though. Also, I love sprouted products. I’m a big fan of Alvarado Street Bakery sprouted cinnamon raisin bagels (soo delicious!!) and Ezekiel bread products.

    • Ezekiel rocks, thats like the only bread I eat! I havent heard of that Alvarado company though but it sounds yummy, where do you get their products?

  5. YAY! So glad you liked them! 🙂

    Oh and those apple chips, I love! So addicting!

    Happy Monday love!

  6. How awesome are those Mahi Mahi burgers!? Have you tried the salmon burgers? I picked up a box of each the last time I was there.

    The cottage cheese is decent but I recently got hooked on the Friendship brand lowfat cottage cheese with no salt added. MUCH much better. Although i think this because I cannot stand salt. It also feels better on the tummy!

    My favorite thing I purchased this week… while it’s not foodie related, it’s a pleather skirt from H & M! 😉

    • ooh girrrl I am alll for pleather and I love H&M so I’m sure it’s a hot one! I’m not too into this cottage cheese either, I’ll have to try that Friendship one, I’m not a fan of salt either! Like at all. haha

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