Redefining “Natural” Through Super Teas (Giveaway)

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Thank you for Zone 8 Teas for sponsoring this post and giveaway!

If you’re like me, you prefer your food and drinks to be all-natural!

zone 8 healthy teas

I am a strong believer in supporting businesses that are based on good values, I love when people create continually better products – whether they are better for you, the planet, or culture.

Zone 8 teas happen to be all of these things! As soon as I learned what these beverages are all about – I was automatically intrigued and wanted to learn more.

Zone 8 Teas are great-tasting, culturally-relevant teas and ades made with REAL ingredients found in nature without GMOs or anything else artificial!


This is why I think you should check out their Kickstarter fundraising campaign so they can get started with production! Why?  Here’s why:

Our goal with this Kickstarter is to start production on our beverages right away so we can spread our love of natural, great-tasting and culturally-relevant teas and ades to you, your friends and the rest of the world! Zone 8 is based off of the simple premise that all truly ‘natural’ ingredients are grown and not created.

I couldn’t agree more! Natural ingredients should be grown and not created. True that, because so many products out there ARE NOT grown even though they are still “natural” they may be genetically modified or contain natural additives that are not otherwise necessary.

Check out the stats on this baby! Pure nature!

DSC_6596If you’re on your phone and can’t see the photo, I’ll tell you what the ingredients are: Filtered water, organic black tea, honey and organic lemon juice. That’s it. Oh yeah, the black tea is also decaffeinated. Thank God. That way I can enjoy this tea in the morning AND evening – hot or cold. Yeah, you know me – I love me my tea!

Enter in this giveaway to win a CASE of this delicious healthy goodness!

DSC_6588Giveaway is open to US residents only. Giveaway winner will be contacted via email, if the winner does not respond, an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway entries ARE checked and if one of the entries proves to be false, you will be disqualified. Ends July 20th, 2013.

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Zone 8 Teas.

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. age one through 40 I was a die hard NO TEA FOR ME.
    I turned 40 and did a 180 😉
    all flavors.
    all kinds.
    hot or cold.
    IM IN.

  2. I LOVE that this Tea literally only has 4 ingredients-awesome! My favorite tea is Rooibos and even in the dead summer heat, I like it HOT! Great giveaway!

  3. I live in South Carolina, so I just have to say sweet tea is my favorite with a little lemon.

  4. wow a whole case? that’s awesome stuff!!! It seems like such a great company too.
    I’m a Canadian girl so I can’t win the giveaway, but I might end up looking this company up on my own! I love REAL all natural products as well!

  5. I have been CRAVING iced tea this summer! Typically it’s iced coffee, but… NOW it’s iced tea and I love it! So much lighter than coffee! 🙂

  6. I love Trader Joe’s Peppermint Tea in the wintertime!

  7. I love tea in all forms: hot, cold, iced, green, black, herbal, everything. My favorite is a strong cup of black tea (breakfast) with a smidge of milk and sugar. Or iced tea. Or all of them. Ahh, how can I pick just one!?

  8. I love every type of tea there is! This sounds like a great new brand to try!

  9. Erin from Long Island

    I am a tea FIEND! I go through gallons of chilled hibiscus/chamomile/mint this time of year i9n a week, all winter it’s hot teas of all kinds. I literally have at least 10 kinds handy at all times!

  10. Hello everyone,

    I’m glad to see what kind of response we’re getting! We’re sick of being poisoned in our food and drinks and have taken the moral ground in offering a great-tasting line of unique beverages that happen to be a safer alternative to what’s on the marketplace 🙂 If you guys wanna see more or are interested in updates,
    ‘Like’ us on Facebook
    Follow us on Twitter!

    Also be sure to check out our website to see what other delicious flavors we’ll be offering once we get some funding! There is a button that links to our Kickstarter campaign on the homepage if you’re interested in helping us out and wanna get some sweet rewards in the process; remember that shares are just as important as pledges!

    Thanks again guys! 🙂
    Zone 8 Beverages

  11. Brittany Henderson

    My husband would love these and I would feel good letting him drink them 😉

  12. I adore the passion tea lemonade from starbucks when I am in the mood for something cold

  13. Chai is delicious!

  14. Honey chamomile

  15. Jasmine tea is nice. Thanks!

  16. I like many teas but definitely hibiscus green and roobius (sp) at the moment! And fruity herbals for iced tea in summer, too!

  17. I love white tea and green tea so much!

  18. I like our homemade mint iced tea.

  19. i love peach iced tea!

  20. Unsweetened Hibiscus Iced Tea is my favorite!

  21. I love every type of tea but if I had to pick it would be blueberry tea!

  22. I really like peach tea, or super sweet tea. I also like Green Tea. 🙂

  23. I love trying all sorts of tea hot or cold ; )

  24. My homemade sweet tea is my favorite 🙂

  25. At first I was like, oh what is this, yet another product full of the usual bads… then I looked at the ingredients and I promptly changed my mind. I admit, I am a fast person with a stereotype. 🙂

    I’m in!

  26. I love English Breakfast tea!

  27. My fav tea is “english breakfast tea” with some milk. 🙂

  28. I would truly love to experience these new teas … I love green tea and honey so …. Rafflecopter be good to me! Thanks for the opportunity to snag some!

  29. I love a good green tea!

  30. Love my green tea!

  31. I love so many kinds of tea – how can I choose just one?? Morning: Chai tea; Afternoon: African nectar rooibos; Evening: Peppermint. Sounds like I love tea as much as you do!

  32. My favorite is citrus or green flavored teas

  33. I love green tea.

  34. Lemon tea is the best

  35. Honey Lemon would be my fave

  36. Lemon tea!

  37. My favorite tea is probably a tie between earl grey and chai.

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