Saturday POW #5: Finals week, already!?

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I realize I haven’t done a Saturday POW in a while, what is this!? We are now officially in December and this is serious business. Don’t be surprised if a lot of these things may be Winter or Holiday related. But don’t worry, I didn’t keep it themed – so a lot of random stuff here too. It’s time for Saturday picks of the week from the interwebs!

How do you like the new winter-themed image? 🙂

Favorite fitness prop: I totally forgot I have two sets of resistance bands which I used to love. Thankfully with this new workout, my love for these little brutal bands has re-awakened. Thank you fitknitchick.

Favorite pizza: I’m actually not obsessed with pizza or anything but this vegan broccoli pizza totally sparked my interested when it popped up on my google reader. It looks great. I wish I was brave enough to work with active yeast. Someday, someday.

Favorite bread bowl: I used to have a huge love for breadbowls when I first discovered Panera. Oh man. I haven’t had one in a long time since they made the holes in the bread super small and barely put any soup inside. I love this vegan tomato spinach grilled cheese in a bread bowl because it’s creative – it’s not a soup but yet I can already imagine how delicious it could be, and so comforting.

Favorite Kid Treat: So actually I had no idea it’s this easy to make puppy chow.  This one takes 15 minutes! I’ve never made it before and only had it when a friend made it for me or when they had it for lunch at my high school back in the day. I loved it so much each time. It’s so good.

Favorite fashion cheat sheet: So I actually found this a while ago but I think it’s very helpful for those of us who are still learning to be a bit more fashiony. Thanks Charming Charlie.

Favorite hair: Yes, I actually had hair like this for a while but I made it a bit lighter during the summer. I think it’s time I go back to this. Still love the hair color. And the way it’s styled here is really nice too.

Favorite salad: Erica totally hit a nostalgia note with me when she posted her mom’s carrot salad recipe. I haven’t tried it yet but I am so stoked to do so. I remember eating a very similar thing back in Poland and it was delicious!

 Favorite purse: how cute is this Marc Jacobs purse?! I want it!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs -

Favorite funny video: I’m loving all of these Flip Side videos! This one is soo true and so funny, if roles were reversed, how would girls be picking up guys at the bar.

Favorite kitty: How adorable is this little kitten?

Favorite photo manipulation: If you know me aside from this blog, you know I’m also a creative and conceptual photographer so I love and am very inspired from seeing different photo manipulations. I love this one! Check out my photography work if you’re interested.

Evoking You|Inspiration for your photography

Favorite tattoo: This one is awesomely creative.

Wang, Tattoo Temple, Hong Kong

Favorite no-bake dessert: These no-bake vegan cranberry cheesecake squares look and sound amazing, no?

Favorite outfit: Awesome vintage yet edgy style.

evoke style

That’d be it for now.

Show me some of your favorites from the week!

Links welcome 🙂


Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. Ty so much for sharing my Mom’s carrot salad recipe! I am OBSESSED with that hair photo above it. That is seriously stunning.

  2. Heard of the Flipside but hadn’t watched it yet. Clever. Oh, The Walk of Shame!

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