Screw Black Friday… it’s CYBER MONDAY! + “Freak” by Jennifer Hillier {book review}

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Yesss for Cyber Monday Deals! I would probably be even more excited if I actually was rich but I have enough in my bank account to still be super excited about today! It’s Cyber Monday, the day of online shopping and saving big! I’m all for it. I don’t have any big purchases to make but I will be making some little ones on things I normally get anyway. I love saving money, call me frugal 🙂

First and foremost, my all-time favorite online health store, Botanic Choice, is doing a Cyber Sale on everything! If you enter code “SAVEBIG” during checkout, you will get 15% off everything! That’s every freaking thing in store. This makes me extra excited, you best believe. Additionally, if you sign up (if you haven’t already) using this link, you will receive up to 75% off your purchase! Botanic Choice is where it’s at! Here are some things I recommend buying at Botanic Choice today. Retail prices are crossed out and the new prices follow.

Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Flour – $7.09 $5.09

Walden Farms Calorie-Free Pancake Syrup  –$4.99 $3.31

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If you are a fashionista, or just love awesome clothes, here are some Fashion deals you can score online today only:

Akira – save 40% off everything online. All sales are final. I lovee this store and it’s popped up all over Chicago, it started as a local clothing boutique and is now taking the city (and beyond) by the storm! Totally recommend, their clothes are awesome and trendy, but still affordable.

Chictopia has some discounts up to 60% off. I haven’t purchased anything on that site yet but I just recently found it and I’ve been loving it, it’s a great source for fashion inspiration.

Forever 21 is doing free shipping with no minimum with promo code: cybermon and up to 70% off

ASOS has 30% off everything online and 25% off their ASOS COllection Sale with code CyberMondaySpecial


———– book review ———

If you are a fan of crime books, I think you really will love Freak by Jennifer Hillier. I hadn’t realized this was the 2nd book – apparently it’s a sequel to her debut, Creep. Thankfully, Hillier is a wonderful writer and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything from the previous book. Although Freak started off with clearly a lot of things happening previously and a lot of those things were being mentioned throughout the book, I didn’t feel confused. She did a great job at filling the reader in and I felt that not knowing the whole entire story that was the backbone made Freak more mysterious and interesting. I had to take out my own judgments of what happened previously and I liked doing that. It was engaging.

Here’s a synopsis of the book as taken from Amazon:

Sitting alone in a maximum-security prison cell, Abby Maddox is a celebrity. Her claim to fame is the envy of every freak on the outside: she’s the former lover of Ethan Wolfe, the killer who left more than a dozen dead women in his wake and nearly added Puget Sound State professor Sheila Tao to the tally. Now Abby, serving a nine-year sentence for slashing a police officer’s throat in a moment of rage, has little human contact—save for the letters that pour in from demented fans, lunatics, and creeps. But a new wave of murders has given Abby a possible chance for a plea bargain—because this killer has been sending her love letters, and carving a message on the bodies of the victims: Free Abby Maddox.

Jerry Isaac will never forget the attack—or his attacker. The hideous scarring and tortured speech are daily reminders that the one-time Seattle PD officer, now a private investigator, is just lucky to be alive. Abby Maddox deserves to rot in jail—forever, as far as Jerry’s concerned. But she alone may possess crucial evidence—letters from this newest killer—that could crack open the disturbing case. With the help of Professor Sheila Tao, seasoned police detective Mike Torrance, and intuitive criminology student Danny Mercy, Jerry must coax the shattering truth from isolated, dangerous Abby Maddox. Can he put the pieces together before Abby’s number one fan takes another life in the name of a killer’s perverted idea of justice?

The book was surprisingly, intense, engaging, and a page turner. I felt attached to the characters, as if I knew them. It was easy to visualize what was going on, her descriptions of the prison was spot on and having never been in a situation or setting like that, I felt that I really got a clear picture to imagine from just the descriptions. By the way, if you are not into the excessive descriptions in books, don’t worry – I’m not either. That’s why I really thought Jennifer Hillier’s book Freak was so great – the descriptions were really not extensive at all, they were just right. Enough to get me to have a picture of what was going on but not long that I wanted to just skip over the whole thing (which is what I usually do at sight of extensive descriptions, I’m all about the talking and the action in a novel). The whole thing seems to be very climactic and finally reaches an even higher climax which I had no idea was possible to do! So much was going on, most of which I was unsuspecting of – and the book definitely does not pan out as most do, I was shocked and eager to learn more.

I think there will be another book in this series to follow and if there is, you best believe I will read that one too!

Rating: 5/5

Why is today Marvelous? Because it’s Cyber Monday. And that’s marvelous in itself!

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. you are awesome! Thanks for posting all the sales 😀 totally going to check them out today haha

  2. Seriously! I’d never heard of vitacost prior to reading your post. They seem awesome. Hows their shipping? They have a bunch of stuff that I’ve been dying to try forever, and their prices are insanely reasonable (even without the CM sales!)

  3. Ack! Why didn’t I have time to read blogs earlier today?! That is such a great deal. (I say that like I needed to spend more money today… LOL!)

  4. Is it any comfort that you just look fierce inside your outdated specs Miss Gina?

    I’m glad you saw that submit, felt like a little gift to me likewise.
    xo Erin

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