Sensual Tune Thursdays #1: Known Rebel & Explosions in the Sky

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I am a lover of all types of music. I try not to discriminate. There are some songs I dislike, there are some songs I love. I have also gone through various musical phases in my life. I went from liking top hits, to euro dance, to rap, to trance and hardstyle (electronica), to house, and now I’m onto indie rock and more chill stuff. I pretty much listen to chill music on my own all the time. I like to be relaxed. Music is obviously a huge factor in how we’re feeling. Music can make us feel a certain way. We tend to listen to different types of music depending on what we’re feeling and what situation we’re in. Of course, I listen to different things when I’m working out, as opposed to working on photography, as opposed to just being home and doing whatever, as opposed to relaxing and feeling inspired. The latter is the one that moves me the most and gets out the most feelings out of me.

I absolutely love chill electronica. Trip hop, chillwave, downtempo, post rock… it is all so beautiful, so melodic, so peaceful. It can bring a tear to my eye, inspire me, motivate me, make me feel amazing. It can be a natural high when I’m really feeling the music. All you need is some candles and a sketchbook (or notebook, if you’re a writer).. let your feelings flow and your senses open up. Let the music be your guide, let it take over. Just let it.

I have decided to make a new section on my blog dedicated to showing you guys some new tunes. These will all be relaxing, beautiful melodies that I am currently loving. It’s time to start incorporating the name of my blog more, so here we go:

Sensual Tune Thursdays!

Because what better day to use some relaxation time than on a Thursday? Down time is a vital part of healthy living after all, and after almost a full week of work/school/weekday stuff, Thursday is when we’re almost there at the weekend but not quite there yet. So hello, new concept. Expect a new post (almost) every Thursday at 6pm central. Hopefully it’ll be something you guys can look forward to.

First, here’s a new tune I found this week:

And here’s a classic that will always have my heart:

(One of the comments on this video says: “My beautiful bride walked down the aisle to this song. It was an amazing moment!”. I can only imagine, it must have been so perfect..)


  • What song are you obsessing over this week? (any genre)

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. I love your taste in music! Keep these Sensual Thursday Tune posts coming!

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