Sensual Tune Thursdays #2: Relaxation Exercise / Mogwai & Cafe Del Mar

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Hello readers! It’s the second edition of Sensual Tune Thursdays. It’s a weekly post which is still under-construction in a way, and I will probably change it up as I see fit, but so far, it’s a place for me to share some relaxation with you on a Thursday. What better way to wind down than a Thursday? Tomorrow is Friday and you’ve already got exciting things planned for after work (or not) but Thursdays are the days when we’re almost there, but not quite there yet – definitely a perfect time to take a few extra moments and quiet the mind.

How did I squeeze in some extra relaxation “me” time this week?

  • I did a creative visualization exercise from a book I’m reading. I’m still pretty skeptical about the book itself but I do believe it’s important to do relaxation exercises to enhance and improve one’s ability to melt away tension.

Try this relaxation exercise and see how you feel afterwards:

First you need to relax. Lay down or sit back comfortably, somewhere where no one will bother you and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, breathing in and out slowly – letting the air fill your lungs. Slowly allow the air to fill all parts of your body, one by one. Feel the air filling your lungs, your arms, your legs. The air is reaching every little bit of your body and then being exhaled slowly. Pay attention to your body functions and how your slowed breathing calms down your mind. Focus on these body sensations. If a random thought comes into your mind, don’t try fighting it off – just let it pass through and don’t pay much attention to it, just continue being in this trance. For an added effect, do this while listening to peaceful nature sounds or chill music (hint, hint – below). Take as long as you’d like doing this, from a 2 minutes to 10 minutes. Whichever works for you.

Here are two sensual tunes of the week:

  • How did you relax this week?

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. Love your new look here! The music in these clips are so soothing.. I’m due for some meditation time!

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