Sensual Tune Thursdays #3: Alex Care & Adventure Club

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Let loose. Today’s post is not ambient and more “let loose” kind. It’s almost September, ooof! I think that most definitely calls for a little bit of dancing it out although I wouldn’t necessarily call these tracks as dance music. I suck at genre naming. I really do. There’s a bit of dupstep in them but I have no idea what you would actually call the overall song genres. I just listen and enjoy it and sway around with it. That’s how I enjoy my music 🙂

This track has been playing at the clubs (but remixed version) and I’ve been loving it quite a bit. I’ve gotta say I really like the original, chilled out version even more.

A friend posted this one on my Facebook wall recently and I really liked this remix. I’m a big fan of Yeah Yeah Yeahs so this was real treat.


Question for you:

  • Favorite song of the moment? Links welcome!


Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. I love your taste in music! Especially because it’s basically identical to mine. It must be the European blood in us 🙂

    • Yesss! I love it, and not many people seem to like the same stuff I do :/ whenever I post a song on my FB, I don’t get as many likes as when I’d post a Top 40s song. So it’s always cool to find others who enjoy the type of stuff I do 🙂

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