The Shocking Truth About Salt

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This post will uncover the shocking truth about Salt +you will learn if salt is good for you – facts that you might not have known before – this content is sponsored by Salt Revolution but all opinions about the product are my own.

The first time I heard this, I was stunned.

I felt like all the years I’ve lived my life believing a lie.

You might be surprised too…

Is salt good for you?

Let me back up really quick.

A few weeks ago, I was on a call with my Health Coach and we got to the topic of salt. She had sent me some materials to read over and wanted to know my opinion.

“I have no idea what to think anymore. I’m so lost. I feel like I have been lied to for all these years but it makes so much sense.”

The topic of salt is not something a lot of us challenge. You think it’s “bad” and you just accept it. My parents had always said “don’t use so much salt” so I learned to never use it at all.

I’ve always had low blood pressure so when, a few years ago, my doctor told me it would be okay if I used a little bit more salt in my diet, I was stunned. Say wha? A doctor said that? True, she’s a holistic doctor (okay, chiropractor to tell you the truth) and had a strong emphasis on holistic and alternative medicine, but still. I was a little confused.

But I took that as a go ahead to have a little bit more salt. But the thing is – I didn’t actually allow myself to have a lot of salt anyway. I was used to never using salt. I never even owned salt at my apartment simply because I didn’t use it. Literally. Never. Your tastes change and you get used to this.

So when my Health Coach and I were talking about Salt, I was almost resistant to this notion that salt is actually good.

I understood it. I believed it more. But still, something old from my habits was saying “I’m not so sure.”


Then, I learned of Salt Revolution. And I knew that I am on the right path to truth. (sounds more spiritual than it is)

I am a strong believer in synchronicities and that everything happens for a reason. I know Salt Revolution appeared in front of me because I needed that extra push to recognize that salt IS good and it IS okay (and recommended) to use salt.

Wait, so…. Is salt good for you?

Okay, so there’s more to this than just the simple notion that “salt is good for you.”

I love this graphic from their website…

Is salt bad for you

So the notion is that salt is bad for your heart – but there is actually no true research to back that up! There was a study done many years ago that had the conclusion that eating salt would cause heart disease but in reality, the “how” or the way they arrived at this conclusion is totally not sound! (read more about it here)

The truth is – it’s the opposite….

NOT eating salt may actually cause heart problems!

There are many studies listed on the website above, but basically the studies about salt continued in Europe and there were numerous studies done (that I read on the Salt Revolution site, my health coach’s articles she sent me, and my own research) that actually prove that if you do not eat salt, THAT might actually cause you to have heart problems!


Salt has essential minerals.

It’s not “just bad things that we need to stay away from.”

HOWEVER – it is important that I address that you can get these minerals from UNREFINED salt only. The problem with the health issues and salt and the current way we handle it is that we usually only use REFINED and PROCESSED salt. That’s where the problems arise. This salt is stripped from the essential minerals and it may even be downright toxic to our health!

So when wondering is salt good for you, you’ll know – there are two answers to this question. It’s “it depends,” because which salt are we talking about here?

uv9kmv-traceminerals_09q0er09q0er000000Without true unrefined salt, our body is unable to function properly – without it, our heart cannot contract properly and that may do damage to our heart valves.

There’s a reason why we’ve been eating salt for centuries…

Salt is not a man-made material, it is something we get from the Earth itself…

It’s natural that we crave salt! It’s what our body NEEDS!

More examples:

  • Runners drink salt water to keep their energy up and so they don’t deplete themselves when they sweat.
  • Doctors put patients on a IV Saline Drip when they are unable to drink fluids (our blood is comprised of 0.9% salt)

Salt is not the enemy here. It’s NECESSARY for our optimal living. As long as we use the unrefined stuff, that is.

And that’s where Salt Revolution’s Aztec Sea Salt comes in.

I bet you have no idea how delicious salt can actually taste

As I said, I was never a salt eater. I didn’t care for salt. Meh.

But after trying this Aztec Sea Salt, I was stunned – because I actually TASTED the goodness. It felt pure. Natural. Like the Earth intended. It was amazing.


Now, let me say – this isn’t your regular table salt (thank God for that), this is unrefined large coarse salt goodness that you can use in your daily life for sprinkling on things or in baking or cooking.

But DO practice moderation. As with anything else, too much of a good thing is not good. Just like I can talk for hours about how great dark chocolate is for you and your health, you still have to practice moderation. Same thing with salt. Let’s not go crazy here and “SALT ALL THE THINGGGGSSS”

is sea salt good for you

Check out Salt Revolution to learn more about this topic and check out their Aztec Sea Salt. Totally worth it.


So… I want to hear from you:

  • How much do you use salt?
  • Have you had the negative perception about salt too?

Let us know in the comments!


Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. You got me with the title. A good read. I too share your misconception. Thx for shedding light on the subject.

  2. I on the other thing LOVE salt, I’m happy to hear that I’ve not been ruining my health all these years. Great information, thanks.

  3. very informative! i don’t add salt to my foods but sometimes use it in recipes

  4. Love this post! I add salt to almost all of my food. I have low blood pressure as well as orthostatic hypotension, so it benefits me a lot to add it. A lot of people don’t realize, but eating a healthy diet and exercising, you may not be getting as much salt as you think you are. The problem lies when you are eating complete junk all the time and not exercising in my opinion.

  5. I used to never use it, especially in our new condo. My boyfriend has had heart problems in the past (in his twenties) so we are generally careful about what we eat and drink and have around the house. Not sure why salt fell into that category, but it did.

    Then I started incorporating sea salt into our diet and boy am I ever glad I did! This is a really cool post, thanks for sharing!

  6. Great post! My grandmother managed to get through a large packet of salt a month and lived to the age of 92. Until the end, she was never ill!

  7. great post girl! I don’t like things salty, so I only use sea salt to cook with. However, my dr. told me the same thing! I’m trying to salt things more, but I’m just not used to it!

  8. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing Kammie. I am a fan of pink Himalayan salt. Other than that read labels and avoid processed foods as much as you can! xx

  9. I to used to be completely against salt….After learning that real sea salt is actually good for you, I have added it back into my diet !

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