Skinny Mini Pumpkin Pies (low calorie)

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Pumpkin pie is not always the healthiest option but we love is so much, right? Thankfully I created a healthy pumpkin pie in perfectly portioned sizes so you can indulge without the bulge. Enjoy my Skinny Mini Pumpkin Pies (and they’re cute, right?). If you like this recipe and want to get more FREE healthy recipes, please enter your email in the box below! You’re awesome! 🙂

Remember how I opened up a can of pumpkin the other day so I could make the awesome healthy Pumpkin Carob Protein Donuts (check them out!) and I also made the No-Sugar-Added Pumpkin Protein Pudding I loved so much? Yes, I still have a lot left in that can. I’m all for making smaller portions, I mean, I don’t have a family to feed neither do I want to give all my goodies out to random people – not being stingy, but ingredients do cost money. As a college student, I take that into a big consideration and only those closest to me can have the joy of being my culinary experiments’ taste testers. Well me first but them too. Sometimes anyway. Haha.

So these turned out very well! I haven’t made legit pumpkin pie before and even if I wanted to I don’t have the right form for it. I do have my muffin pan though so why not just use that and make the pumpkin pie into cute little individualized portions? It just so turned out that it was low calorie as well. Awesome! These are a nice treat for dessert as they are slightly higher in sugar due to to using the sweetened condensed milk. The vanilla honey graham cookie crust came out perfectly and formed into a nice crust shape very well. It adds a wonderful flavor to the overall dessert.

Because these babies are low in calories, you can have two as a nice dessert. I actually had one for breakfast and ate it with protein yogurt pudding which is what you actually see on top of these. Yep, I fooled you, huh? I bet you thought that’s whipped cream. Nope, that’s just my good ol’ friend Greek yogurt mixed with some vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, and stevia. Gotta love it!


Nutritional Stats (1/7 of recipe): 138 calories, 22g carbs, 4g fat, 4g protein, 16g sugar

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Questions for you:

  • What’s your favorite kind of pie?

  • Do you prefer sliced pie or portioned pies, like this one?

Let me know in the comments below!

Do you love using Pumpkin in healthy recipes?

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Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. These are adorable!!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. I love your recipes! I’m going to have to try this one out. It looks so cute and delish.

  3. The graham crackers probably take these fantastic pies over the edge! Pumpkin recipes are my favorite 🙂

    Happy Saturday!

  4. These sound amazing!!! I can’t wait to try these out and I love that they are low in calorie too!

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