Sometimes you need a family size holiday party option

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I am a part of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community and this is a sponsored shop about family size party meals on behalf of Nestle.

Can you believe Christmas is almost here? Are you attending a lot of holiday parties lately? Are you hosting any? If you’re a healthy party host, this is not the post for you (but this is)- most of the guests I get (especially during the holidays) do NOT want to stay strict and healthy.

The cold weather brings people wanting to seek comfort. Comfort food it is! Whether it’s a delicious lasagna, mac and cheese, or something else – it’s hard to go through the holidays without indulging at least a couple of times. So today I’m talking about family size options for parties – get comfort food in a family size so that everyone can get their belly full and happy.

Family size party dinners #PlanAhead #shop #cbias

I went to Walmart and bought some stuff that would be great for unexpected guests that might sometimes come by and for my own family. While we tend to eat healthfully, there is no reason to deny the goodness in life that is some comfy food. I bought family size entrees by Stouffer’s: Macaroni and Cheese and Lasagna with Meat Sauce. These are HUGE and heavy, I had no idea they would even have such big portions but they do. But then again, if you’ve got a big family to feed – you need a lot of food 😉

Family size party dinners with Nestle #PlanAhead #shop #cbias

Family size party dinners with Nestle #PlanAhead #shop #cbias

Then who doesn’t love pizza… I don’t actually eat pizza that much but I do enjoy it. Digiorno’s Rising Crust pizza is, without a doubt, the best frozen pizza I ever had.

Family size party dinners with Nestle #PlanAhead #shop #cbias

My dad couldn’t stop saying “but it’s not delivery! It’s Digiorno” haha clearly their advertising has got stuck in his head. But it’s true. The pizza is good. I personally take the the pepperoni slices off because they are too salty for me but dad took them all and piled them onto his pizza slice instead. He was a happy camper.

Family size party dinners with Nestle #PlanAhead #shop #cbias

 Even my mom was saying that she liked it. She was ready for some party food! This is rare because she is one to eat the most healthy out of all of us. Bring it on!

Family size party dinners with Nestle #PlanAhead #shop #cbias

 Mac and cheese followed… I was surprised how homemade the mac and cheese looked even though it was a frozen food. I’m sure if someone didn’t know it came from a box, they would have no idea. So yes, it’s good to have!

Family size party dinners with Nestle #PlanAhead #shop #cbias

Family size party dinners with Nestle #PlanAhead #shop #cbiasWhat is more comforting than gooey cheesy food? Exactly. Nothing.

To top it all off, the ice cream flavors are perfect for the holiday cheer and are a great treat to have on hand for party guests or for a family – we enjoyed having these fancy flavors as they got us even more in the holiday mood 🙂 Christmas is SO close!

Family size party dinners with Nestle #PlanAhead #shop #cbias

Family size party dinners with Nestle #PlanAhead #shop #cbias

 Mmm… ice cream… but it was missing something. We are simple people but it’s nice to dress a treat up, don’tcha think?

Family size party dinners with Nestle #PlanAhead #shop #cbias

Ah yes.. that’s better. Chocolate syrup and cinnamon? Don’t mind if I do!

Family size party dinners with Nestle #PlanAhead #shop #cbias

Edy’s Slow Churned ice cream with two fabulous and festive flavors of Peppermint Wonderland and A Very Merry Eggnog. Did not disappoint. Too bad they don’t have lactose-free options.

We’re saving the lasagna for a next time. Although I’m sure that won’t disappoint either. But since I literally just made a vegetable lasagna last week, I was not in the mood for it and neither was my family.

I got these products at Walmart. Nestle is also featured in the Live SoFab Holiday Digital Magazine – make sure to check them out to get some great ideas for the holidays! Also, check out Nestle’s recipe website, and make sure to follow them on Twitter at @Nestle and Facebook.

Questions for you:

  • What are some of your favorite party comfort foods during the holidays?
  • How do you plan ahead for holiday parties in terms of food?

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  2. Yes, definitely great to have on hand for a quick and easy meal during the holidays! #client

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