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I’m so happy to see you – I wanted to personally welcome you to Sensual Appeal, a place where a healthy lifestyle is nothing short of being delicious, mindful, and happy!

My name is Kamila Gornia but I am known as Kammie in the blog world. You can learn more about who I am and what I do on my About Me page. I created Sensual Appeal in 2012 as a way to keep track of my own healthy journey. Through the years, Sensual Appeal (and I) have changed and went through multiple shifts and stages of growth.

What’s Inside

Sensual Appeal is YOUR place to feel welcome in. Since you’re here, I’m assuming you are interested in similar things that I am – leading a healthy lifestyle, eating delicious food, listening to our body and honoring what it is telling us, learning and growing every single day – whether it’s emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. This is a home of self-love and acceptance and it’s a place where we can all learn and grow together so we can truly say we LOVE your life and we are completely and utterly HAPPY!

Healthy Lifestyle: I would like to share with you some posts to get you started with, these are some of the most popular posts on the blog and give you a good idea about what Sensual Appeal is all about:

Currently, we are focusing on eating real foods. There have been some changes to my dietary needs as I go about overcoming my sugar addiction, so many new recipes are more likely (this does not mean that ALL new recipes will be like this) to be: gluten-free (OR using sprouted grains), lactose-free, and lower in sugar.

Recipes: Here are some great recipes for your enjoyment to get you started:

Check out the full list of ALL recipes – both healthy and indulgent.

Guest Articles: Because I work full time and I am a solopreneur, I also sometimes post fabulous guest articles from great guest bloggers. If you are interested in writing for us and think that any of the topics I mentioned above sound interesting to you, check out the submission guidelines and let’s chat!


As a personal development-obsessed lover, I absolutely LOVE taking different courses that help me in various aspects of my life. I have taken many courses ranging from fitness to mind and body to spiritual. Here are some fantastic resources I recommend for your continued journey on personal development (yay, GO us!)

    • Silva Method Training – This is just amazing. I learned about this program from my mom who attended their three-day live intensive and the things she told me, I knew I had to experience this for myself. Unfortunately I can’t afford the in-person retreats and I was happy to see that they have an online program version that’s just as good! Check out the website for 3 free exercises that will let you find your inner peace, solve any problem, and enter deep levels of mind in just seconds. A full report coming soon!
    • The Gabriel Code – I am currently going through this fantastic mind-body transformation program that focuses on the power of your mind (visualizations) along with education about nutrition and science to get you to rid of all of your “Fat” triggers that might be forcing your body to hold onto excess weight. Full report coming soon!
    • CLICK HERE for a post on my favorite fitness programs and healthy eating resources

Hope you enjoy!

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