Step Away From The Salad! 5 Real-Life Tips For Weight Loss.

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Step Away From The Salad! 5 Real Life Tips For Weight Loss.

When I first began my weight loss journey at 24 and 195lbs, I ate a salad twice a day.

Avoided carbs and fat.

Punished myself when I didn’t do what I thought I “should” do.

What I chose to eat could make or break my day.

Everything was black or white.

I was also struggling with depression and poor self love.

I was undernourished, overweight and living a bland life.

Over the past 7 years, I have done it all. Most of which did not work.

The purpose of this post is to share my top 5 real life weight loss tips that helped me lose 40 lbs and confidently step away from the salad mentality.

1. Check in with your body and quit the deprivation.

Our bodies are brilliant structures.

Think about it.

Self sustaining.

No prompting required.

You don’t have to tell it to digest your food and eliminate.

Your heart beats on and on.

Your body will tell you when you are missing nourishment.

Cravings and emotional eating result.

Your body is always sending you messages.

It’s up to you to listen.

When we deprive our bodies, it holds onto everything.

Especially the saddlebags, bat wings and back butt.

I was underestimating what my body was capable of.

After trying several other dietary theories, I stumbled upon intuitive eating.

I noticed a drastic improvement my energy levels, food choices and digestion.

My body was happy I was finally listening.


2. Get your sleep on.

I used to be night owl.

Stay up until 3am watching tv.

Get up at 6am to catch transit for work.

Despite the salads and hours of exercise, the scale wasn’t budging.

I guess you could say I was an insomniac.

Anxiety was haunting my mind as I lay in bed.

We turn into zombies when we don’t get enough.

Sleep is essential to improving your health.

If you are not sleeping, your body shuts down.

Stress seems drastically worse.

Healing is delayed.

Concentration levels dwindle.

AND your weight loss efforts are halted.

After a month of getting quality sleep, my body responded.

My whole life got easier.

I had more energy to exercise and be more calculated on making healthier choices.


Step Away From The Salad! 5 Real Life Tips For Weight Loss.

3. Improve your digestive health by adding in quality whole foods and supplements.

When I ate crap, I felt like crap.

Low energy levels, bloating and constipation were an ongoing theme.

My body was a trash can for the food like products I was eating.

Low fiber, nutritionally void foods.

Toxins are stored in fat.

Mucous is produced to prevent a immune reaction.

My digestion sucked.

I was always constipated and feeling heavy.


I began to make better choices around what I was eating.

I increased the quality of the food.

Adding in some organic produce, humanely raised protein sources and healthy fats.

I stopped cheaping out on my health and bought quality supplements.

I supplemented my eating with probiotics to increase the number of good bacteria in my gut and added in essential minerals and vitamins.

I felt like a new person.

Basically because I was.

I could feel the nutrients being absorbed into my body.

I felt clean.

My body began to eliminate the years of junk I had been torturing it with.


4. Amp up the fun.

When life was too serious I hated everything I did.

I was putting on 2 lbs a week and binge eating.

My clothes felt like they were strangling me.

I would rip the belt loops off my jeans as I hoisted them up aggressively battling my muffin top.

This was no way to function as an adult.

I needed more fun and passion in my life.

I was stuck in my body.

I noticed that my anxiety came from feeling unfulfilled.

Rigid even.

I thought back to when I was a kid.

What did I enjoy most?

Soccer and connection.

I returned to playing women’s soccer after a 2 year break and made regular appointments with my friends for movie dates.

I was excited to get up in the mornings because I always had something awesome planned.

My passion to better myself was back.


5. Start where you are.

At one point in my life, every interaction I had in a day would result in comparison paralysis.

I was never as far along in my healthy journey, career or other milestone.

It was nauseating to me that I would never get “there”.

After digging deeper around my hopes and dreams, I realized that my journey was unique.

My future will be as well.

I have always been different than the status quo.

And I refuse to let them set my bar.

I got comfortable with creating my own rule and striving to be grateful for my current experience.

Magically for me, this was my biggest lesson.

“You are exactly where you need to be”

It was no longer about weight loss.

My new mission was loving myself exactly as I am.

Flaws and all.

I lost 40 lbs of poor self image, negative self talk and garbage that I had been feeding myself.



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