Sunny Side Sweet Potato Fries

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This is an Irish breakfast dish that has been made healthier. These Sunny Side Fries include delicious spicy baked sweet potato fries and they are topped with an egg sunny side up for the perfect drip of yolk. 

Sunny Side Sweet Potato Fries  - a healthier twist on an Irish brunch recipe

As I mentioned in my recent post, I am trying to eat more adult meals. This means making more real food and cooking more. One particular evening I was wondering what on earth should I make for dinner.

Then I saw I had a carton of eggs still not used and sweet potatoes that are nearing expiration (probably). I’m weird about eating things that have been sitting there for a while, I’m pretty terrified of getting food poisoning so I tend to throw out food that is probably perfectly fine but I don’t like taking chances. Being sick and throwing up is not my idea of fun and I’d rather avoid it. Even if it means I’ll have to waste some food in the process.

Sunny Side Sweet Potato Fries  - a healthier twist on an Irish brunch recipe

Anyway, so yes – I knew I had to use one of the sweet potatoes soon. Then I thought of the time I went to this Irish pub a while back with my friend for brunch. The place was a bacon central and most of their dishes had bacon incorporated in it in some way. Now, don’t get too excited – I am not a bacon lover. Like, at all. I don’t eat bacon. I opted for a “side” option that was cheaper and felt like it would satisfy my needs at the time.

Sunny Side Fries.

Sunny Side Sweet Potato Fries  - a healthier twist on an Irish brunch recipe

It sounded weird enough but I didn’t see how it could taste bad. I love eggs, that drippy yolk… I love fries. Why not combine the two? Plus, who can argue with a meal for $4! So that’s what I got.

It was interesting… it was different than I expected. Probably because the fries were not very good and the eggs still had a good amount of runny whites which just makes me wanna gag. Another weird thing about me – I can’t eat eggs if I see the whites being still runny. It makes me think of snot and I just can’t make myself eat. It’s gross. Ha, this post is turning out to be about “food weirdness” more than the recipe. My bad.

Sunny Side Sweet Potato Fries  - a healthier twist on an Irish brunch recipe

SO I decided to recreate the Sunny Side Fries but make them healthier and better than the ones I had at that Irish Pub. I took my recipe for Spicy Baked Sweet Potato Fries and made the fries. Mmm… I missed those. So darn good.

And I topped it with a nice egg that’s been fried sunny side up! I made sure no runny whites were still there. The yolks were perfectly runny though.

I loved eating these with some ketchup. I almost felt like I was cheating on Sriracha. I’ve been loving Sriracha lately so much. Yes, again and forever the cred for the new obsession goes to Lindsay, haha.

Now onto the recipe…


Sunny Side Sweet Potato Fries  - a healthier twist on an Irish brunch recipe

Who doesn’t like that runny yolk… *swoon*

Questions for you:

  • Have you ever had eggs with fries?
  • How do you like your eggs cooked?

Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Love putting the egg on the fries. It seems everyone is putting an egg on something these days. I like the baking the fries, so much healthier and you still get to eat the fries.

  2. EVERYTHING is better with a drippy egg! And you know my love for sweet potatoes. 😉 I am ALL ABOUT this!

  3. Wait.. How have I never thought of putting an egg on top of sweet potato fries?! Oh my yum!

  4. Aww, I’m all in for runny yolks! This looks like my kind of favorite breakfast, give me!

  5. Holy smokes, *drool* This looks absolutely amazing!! Two of my favorite things in perfect harmony 😉

  6. I love sweet potato fries, but I never thought of putting an egg on them before! Yum!

  7. I love fries and I love eggs sunny side up. But I never thought of combining the two. Who knew the combination could be delightful? I certainly didn’t. Well, thanks for this!

  8. YUM. Dream meal right there. I had something similar for breakfast–I made a hash out of my sweet potato and topped it with some peas, spinach and a runny egg. So yum! I should try it with fries though–that makes it sound about 10x more fun and decadent than just grated sweet potato underneath. So the other day I just learned that you’re not supposed to store sweet potatoes in the fridge (where I always store mine), but at room temp in a dark place, otherwise it makes the potatoes hard in the center even when you fully cook the rest of it. Just passing this along in case you hadn’t heard this…where do you store your potatoes? Am I totally weird for storing mine in the fridge??

    • Ohhh that is very interesting, thank you so much for sharing. I usually store mine on the countertop. Not particularly the darkest place I could find.. but this makes sense, my parents always store their potatoes (sweet and regular) under the sink in the cupboards (aka dark and room temp) I thought it was just becuase that’s where they had room to do it but not this makes a lot more sense… interesting.

  9. I’ve had a fried egg on top of fries – it was delicious and seemed like “hangover food” haha. I also love sriracha but sometimes only plain ketchup will do!

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  11. yum!! so simple. i’m on the paleo diet right now, and this is a perfect quick meal!

  12. This is really a healthy breakfast. Liked your idea. Surely will try. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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