How to Survive Valentine’s Day when You’re Single? – Interview with Alexis Meads

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Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

Oh… wait, are you single this Valentine’s Day?

How to Survive Valentine's Day when You're Single (Interview with Alexis Meads)

Whether you love singlehood or hate it, Valentine’s Day is sure to bring about a lot of emotions to the surface that might otherwise be hiding underneath. Sometimes it’s emotions of annoyance and ridicule, after all “it’s such a hallmark holiday, not even a real holiday – screw it.” OR you could be sitting there, feeling sad and lonely and wishing you had a real person to cuddle with because your body pillow is getting boring and the sappy romantic movies are not helping and neither is the chocolate… or wine. Okay, so maybe they are helping a little. 😉

Regardless of how you feel about the holiday, today I have a short video for you guys about more than just this day – it’s about HOW TO “SURVIVE” Valentine’s Day when You’re Single… but it’s more than just about this day, it’s about any day and any time.

Who is Alexis Meads?

I’d live to introduce to you Alexis Meads. Alexis is a lifestyle and wellness coach with a strong emphasis on self-love in her coaching. She is the founder of, where she is hosting a free webinar that is all about self-love and body image based on the BodyLove Harmony System. Make sure to check it out on the website.

What’s the secret to being happiness regardless of your marital status?

In the video, Alexis will reveal the ONE thing that is the secret to happiness in your current situation, regardless of your marital status. Whether you are single, taken or “it’s complicated,” this information absolutely applies to you!

We will also dive into some actionable tips on how to make your days happier, specifically when you’re single on Valentine’s Day, but the tips can (and SHOULD) be applied any day of the year and regardless of your marital status. They are so universal.

Questions for you:

  • How are you spending your Valentine’s Day this year?
  • What did you think of Alexis’ advice?

Let us know in the comment section below; your feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated!! xo

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  1. SINGLE!! THAT’S ME! And I am exhausted after a long week, so I am in my jammies, watching E! News (homework) and blogging!! WOO WOO!! And I am TOTALLY CONTENT 😉

    Happy Valentine’s Day xoxo!

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