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I have a strong online presence and I am very active on Twitter and Facebook, as you guys might have noticed. I also follow a number of fitness and health professionals (not to mention fellow bloggers, but I think that’s a duh). Recently one of the local fitness pros I follow, Andrea Metcalf, tweeted about a complimentary event happening in Chicago which is a workshop to take control over our health and fitness. It was a LifeBook event, which I’ve never heard about before but I was curious to check it out. Might as well, it’s a FREE 3 hour workshop, I’d be silly not to take advantage of an opportunity like that, when I had nothing better to do that evening anyway.

To tell you the truth I was kind of nervous about attending. The event page didn’t provide very much information and left everything pretty open and vague. I was actually kind of afraid this would be kind of like a brainwashing event to make them join a cult. Haha don’t laugh but I’m gonna be honest here! I’ve probably watched and read too many books and movies about this kind of thing, haha. But no, it was not a cult gathering, thankfully. The event promised the following: “You’ll gain immense clarity on what true vitality is, why it matters and how it’s created. You’ll examine your beliefs about your health, define exactly how you want your body to look and feel, and outline what you need to do to achieve the levels of vitality you’ve always wanted.” 

Upon arriving, I realized that it was a meet-up which is an entirely new concept to me. I’ve never been to any meet-ups or networking events before so that was an interesting experience. There was about 30 people gathered in a beautiful luxurious lounge in West Loop of Chicago and they had snacks and wine set up for guests. Everyone seemed nice and friendly and eager to talk. It was nice, this was exactly the type of thing I’ve been wanting to do lately – meet new like-minded people who are open to expanding their own network as well. I got a folder with some papers inside and sat down with a few crackers and a glass of Chardonnay, ready for the presentation to begin.

To start, Lifebook members were introduced along with the company’s CEO. A wonderfully inspiring speech by one of the members started the presentation, followed by another by Andrea Metcalf. Both stories were motivational and inspiring. Then we were set to watch an hour long movie which went through setting and thinking about ourselves in terms of our health and fitness. We were taught and instructed to think about our premise, our vision, our purpose, and our strategy. We were to write all of our feelings and thoughts down so that they are set and are therefore more motivational to us personally. This was a deeply personal experience and had us think about ourselves and our futures in a way that we usually don’t think about – it was a much deeper thinking experience than many people are used to. I’m going to share some of which I’ve written here.

Premise: foundational beliefs you hold about this category.

  • I believe that health and fitness is what is directly affecting my happiness level and how I see my life. It directly affects my outlook on life.
  • Taking care of yourself can change how you end up, by prolonging your life and making it a more happy and fulfilling life.
  • I have complete control over my own body and what I put into it and how I use it. Treating my body well is always rewarded by my body treating my mental state well and making me happier in the long run.
  • Every time I exercise self control and discipline, those areas get stronger and easier to manage which can also be translated into other areas of life.

Vision: ideal state you would like to achieve. I wrote this section as if I have already achieved my ideal state.

  • I am health and fitness – it is a huge, huge part of my life and it has become a part of my personality and identity. People see me as the “healthy and fit” girl which inspires and motivates others.
  • I have a lean body with muscle definition – people are able to tell right away that I work out and that I am healthy.
  • I always strive to learn the new information that comes out about health and fitness and I apply it to my own life to constantly better myself and serve as an expert in the field that is eager to share this information with others as well.
  • Other people come to me for tips and inspiration because they see me as an expert in the field and they find me inspiring.
  • I love my body and I am completely comfortable in my own skin. I no longer avoid activities that might expose my body, such as going to the beach, etc.

Purpose: what moves you? The most important part of the journey that makes all of the difference in whether you succeed or fail. What motivates you to do the things you do?

  • I want to be an inspiration to others
  • I want to feel confident, sexy, and completely comfortable in my own skin – no matter what age I am. I want to feel happy and energized every day – no more sick days, blah days – I am set to enjoy my life to the fullest everyday.
  • I want to use exercise as a way of stress relief so that I don’t have to ever take any prescription medication in the future for stressors. Exercise is what keeps me positive, happy, sane.
  • I don’t want to get sick one day and have to go broke because of the money and time I will have to put in for treatment. Prevention > Treatment. I want to prevent any negative things that might otherwise happen if I didn’t stay healthy and active. Pay now or pay later.

Strategy: action steps that will get you from point A to point B

  • commit to eating smaller portion sizes and continue leading a a healthy balanced wholesome diet
  • commit to following an exercise plan
  • building muscle and losing body fat
  • reducing added sugars from my diet
  • getting relaxation “me” time – massages, spa, nails, chiropractor, yoga

I’m sure there’s like <1% of you guys who actually read through all of this and if you did – thank you. But if you didn’t, that’s okay. This post is just as much for me as it is for you. While it’s hard to share my deep and personal feelings with the world like this, it also keeps me accountable and sets the writing that I have done during the workshop even more in stone.  I am ready to commit and I will change myself for the better to be the best person I can possibly be! Sorry if this post sounded selfish but it’s what we need to do in order to truly change who we are for the better – we have to focus on ourselves just as much as we focus on others.

What are some of the points you would list in the 4 separate categories?

How can you change yourself to be the best person you can be?

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. You can only make changes by being aware you should make them! Dream big and keep your health in mind… be healthy, be moved

  2. Wow! That sounds like a really cool event! Your new health goals sound wonderful! I love your message about not just being healthy for your own sake but about being healthy to set an example for others. Great post.

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