The Best Workout Plans and Healthy Eating eBooks

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Top 5 Fitness Programs

As you know, I do best when I have specific workout plans outlined. I tend to get lazy and slack a lot more when I don’t have a plan where I know what I’m supposed to be doing each day and what goals I am reaching towards. Is this you too? If so, consider some of these workout plans to get your routine a lift! This also goes for healthy eating plans and programs. We all need a change every now and then!

PS. Some of these websites look really salesy, but have no fear – they aren’t spam. I don’t really know, you’d think these gurus would pay someone to make a more professional looking website. Sigh, oh well.

Workout Plans:

Flavia Del Monte’s Curvalicious Program – My all-time favorite program from the ones I’ve done! I love Flavia and she is a wonderful inspirer, I’m still subscribed to her newsletter to this day. This workout is designed for women but it is by no means easy. It focuses on lifting HEAVY and building muscle to get sexy muscles in all the right places. I absolutely loved this program and it comes with videos for each day! Read my review of it here.

Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle – this is Tom Venuto’s program and it was my favorite program tying with Flavia’s Curvalicious program. The reason why I like this one better is because it doesn’t involve any complicated exercises, everything is easy to do and remember and easy to write down on a piece of paper so when you get to the gym you actually know what you’re doing. Curvalicious is great but it definitely does involve a lot more complicated and varied movements in it. To each their own. I did this program for about 4 months, I liked it that much! The only thing is that there’s a lot of reading before you get to the workout and you have to figure out your own schedule and what you’re gonna be doing.

Fat Burning Furnace – I have tried this 2-3 years ago and it was pretty good. I was heavy on the diet thing which I would not even look at today but I remember that the workouts were good and intense. This is actually geared for men, I think, but as a female I managed to enjoy it too, although it was not my favorite program. I think I only did it for 2-3 weeks max.

Simulast Solution to Cellulite – The most recent program I bought and used. This one is an at-home easy and quick workout that promises to get rid of your cellulite with only 15-30 minutes and 3 times a week. Very promising! The first time I did this workout I was sore for 2 days! And I didn’t even use any weights! Oh, my butt! 😛

Shape Shifter Yoga – this one is awesome because Yoga is awesome! It is perfect for people who are not yogis just yet and it really breaks down the reasons behind why yoga is fabulous for your wellbeing. Plus, apparently you get a nice yoga butt with this program. I have not personally tried this one but it looks promising.

Healthy Eating eBooks:

Metabolic Cooking – I liked this one because the quality is really good and it has a bunch of pretty awesome “fat-burning” recipes. Yeah I don’t care about that “fat-burning” thing anymore but I did at the time. All of the fitness gurus I used to subscribe to mentioned recipes from this cookbook once in a while in their emails so it’s gotta be good!

21 Day Sugar Detox – I have YET to do a sugar detox but Balanced Bites is so cute and the page looks really nice and inviting… I’ve read about many bloggers who have done a sugar detox with much success. I don’t know if I’d be able to last though. If you think you’re up for the challenge, go check this out.

Guilt Free Desserts – this eCookbook has a bunch of awesome dessert recipes that are healthy and delicious, plus you get two other ebooks with the purchase: one about breads and one about appetizers.

Sensational Smoothies – Because I am obsessed with smoothies, always have been and always will be 😉


What are some of your favorite programs?


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Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. THe workout routines sound interesting – I will definitely check out the curvalicious program, it sounds like it’s a great fit for my healthy living attitude. Thanks for sharing, Kammie!

  2. I’m currently following a program from Tara at the blog Sweat Like a Pig and loving it. These look like some great programs and ebooks too though, thanks for sharing as always 🙂

  3. I have checked out the workouts you mention and would love to know more about the workouts on Tom Venuto’s program as I am seriously thinking about trying it out. Can you share a bit more? I am a home-exerciser.

    • Hey Elle! I love Tom’s workouts because they are simple and rather basic and you don’t need anything crazy to do them. I did mine in the gym but I loved it because I never felt silly doing some crazy exercises like, for example, Curvalicious has a bunch of more complex exercises in this. For Tom Venuto’s program, it’s really a more of a make it yourself kind of thing, but with a good amount of guidance of course. He does set parameters for what you should be doing and sets things up depending on your skill level. If you are interested, I am actually starting his program on Monday with a few of my readers. We will be doing an Intermediate Conservative plan of his with 3x/week weight training and 3x/week cardio. If you are interested in joining us for this, I will be sending out an email with more details and we will be all keeping accountable with this. I’m calling it #FitBuddies program but it IS only for a few people and I am not advertising it otherwise. Let me know if you’d like to join us asap 🙂

  4. Just wanted to comment on the sugar detox. I quit sugar several years ago…about 8 years ago after reading the book Sugar Blues. I can’t say it was a good thing, because I did it wrong. The knowledge out there is that sugar is bad, but few sources actually go into why we crave sugar…it’s because we need it, obviously, we just need the kind of sugar that comes from fruit. We should be eating a lot more fruit than most of us do. So when I cut out sugar I was also fruit-phobic, from some misguided health gurus I read. Oh, I was doing fine…it was easy to not eat it when I hadn’t had it in so long…but I had a lot of pains that I had no clue where they were coming from and I can’t say I was doing great mentally. Then I started following my intuition and not eating whatever I wanted, but acknowledging what my body wanted and finding that sometimes the craving for chocolate cake, was really there just because chocolate was staring me in the face, but if I waited and thought about it and found something else, like a perfectly ripe peach…my chocolate cake craving went away…then I’d go for more fruit.

    My life changed when I made a preference for fruit my priority and then…I really never craved sugar treats, as long as I ate plenty of fruit. So if you decide to quit sugar…make sure you replace that with some good, RIPE fruit…unripe fruit isn’t that sweet…which you may already know, but I know I didn’t!

    Found you on SITS…by the way! 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much for this. It does anger me how much fitness “gurus” tell everyone to not eat fruit. Fruit are natural and healthy! They do have high sugar content but I feel like it’s natural and it’s fine. Thank you so much for your input on this. I do not know very much about living sugar-free and I doubt I’d be able to do it (I have a big sweet tooth) but I think I should try eating more fruits instead of chocolate, like you said. Usually the chocolate cravings are there because I do KNOW that I have chocolate… and I don’t have the fruit. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the overview! Loved it! I definitely need a sugar detox BIG time! I’m doing a Jamie Eason WO program now and I love it 🙂 I like Flavia’s WO program too btw 🙂

  6. Food is our main source of vitamins and nutrients and we cannot deny that it is also one reason why we gain weight especially if we don’t have e healthy eating habit and we always overeat certain food such as sweets and fatty food. What I love to always consider to eat is fruits and vegetables, though meat and other foods are good also, they are also nutritious but we should eat and consume them in moderation and at a minimal quantity.

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