Things I Love More Than Food: Hot Showers On Chilly Nights

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Disclaimer: this post was written a long time ago and was hidden in the depths of my drafts, haha. Time to see the light of day!


There is something about a hot steamy shower that makes me really happy. No, not in a weird way, get your head outta the gutter. I’m serious.

I never really stopped to think about this but hot showers really make me feel good. The hot shower embraces my body in a way that nothing else does. It provides the ultimate feeling of warmth and comfort.

Because I lack the feelings of intimacy and comfort from another human being, I crave for comfort, warmth, security, and intimacy in other places. This often translates into craving food. More so than food, it creates the feelings of craving for the behavior of eating which provides the temporary feelings of comfort as well as numbness from the issue at hand.

I’m looking for alternative ways to combat these cravings. Instead of going about in a negative way by implementing “strong willpower” and whatnot which doesn’t work in the long term, I’m looking for positive ways to diffuse these feelings of lacking and get the same reward from elsewhere.

Hot shower.

When I get in one of my moods, I get really lazy. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to move. I think about moving but I don’t do it. Showering feels like such a task. I don’t need to go anywhere, I can just stay here. Once I get in those moods, more negative feelings soon follow and I subconsciously seek for ways to diffuse those negative feelings of loneliness, boredom, laziness, etc – this often translates into eating food to numb myself. It works. Until the eating is complete and I am left with a stomachache and pounds that are piling on.

Hot shower.

So I step into a hot shower. It’s a chilly evening. I try to remember how a hot shower might make me feel. Good. Even better is the feeling you get once you’re done with the hot shower, you step into the chilly air for a second, only to run back to your room and cuddle up under covers, maybe turn on your space heater to keep warm more. Ahhhh… the ultimate feelings of comfort. I love feeling this cozy. It’s the best feeling in the world.




Happiness and bliss.

Childhood memories.

All of these things happen after a hot shower at night, especially on a chilly night. So much going on after such a simple thing. Not to mention, I always feel like the feelings of laziness have been cleansed, literally cleansed from my body and mind for that time frame. I feel refreshed, renewed. So much a simple hot shower can do. So much.

So this is my way of instilling into my damn brain that hot showers make me feel good. They make me feel amazing. They make me feel better than mindless munching ever has.

Next time you feel you lack in the feelings of comfort and security, take a hot shower. Feel the hot water beating on your body, releasing endorphins (maybe?), and making you feel just oh so good – instantly.

That is all.

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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