5 Things you should know about buying a new bike

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Whatever reason you have for planning to buy a new bike, whether it is for transportation or sports, there are many considerations to take into account before you do so.

Here are some things you need to know before buying a new bike. 

1. There are different types of bike

Don't just buy a bike based on how it looks or just by reading a short review of it online.

You need to do your research because there are many different types of bike and you need to know which one is right for you.

Some of the different types of bike that you can purchase include the road bike, the triathlon bike, a cyclocross bike and the mountain bike. 

Each type of bike has a different use so you need to know which one will fit your needs as a bicycle rider.

2. Think of where you want to use your bike

This is connected to the tip above.

The first question to ask before purchasing a bike is where do you plan to use it?  Do you live in an urban area and plan to use the bike for traveling?

That means you need one that is perfect for traveling on city roads. Or perhaps, you want to make cycling a hobby and you want to carve out a time for you to travel the bike rails in your area.

Or maybe you want to enter a triathlon or the like, which means you need a bike that would handle rough terrain?

All these should be put into consideration because not all bikes are created equal and you need to get the one that will answer your need. 

3. You should try the bike before you purchase

Much like you don't buy a car until you take it for a test drive, you should the same with a bike. You will not know exactly how it fits or handles until you try it out yourself and take it for a test spin.

You need a bike that fits you to a tee so you should get a frame that would be perfect for you. Go to a local bike shop near you and take their demo bikes for a spin around the area.

4. Talk to the salesperson for more information

While there is certainly a lot of information on the internet, you can also talk to the salespeople.

They are well-trained to know everything there is to know about their products so you can definitely get the answer that you need from them.

Check the video below for some top tips when buying a bike:

Also do some research first hand before deciding to buy anything to avoid having regrets.

5. You can choose electronic bikes to save you money

In case you don't know,  you can actually buy electronic bikes or e-bikes for short.

There are some who hesitate to buy the e-bike because they feel that they are not getting enough exercise due to the motor that lets pedaling become easier, but know that you are still getting the exercise that you need. 

Also, when you use your e-bike instead of your car, you are actually saving on gas and money in the long run. 

Check out the top e-bikes you can invest on over here at https://www.thrillappeal.com/best-electric-bikes.  

6. Bear In Mind Additional Costs

Bycicles are cheap to maintain, but there a few extra things you'll have to get when you buy your new bike so make sure to budget up. A good safety lock and a riding helmet are the bare minimum extras you should get. The guys at mybikeXL have good guides you can check for that.

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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