5 Tips to Choosing a Good Stand Up Paddle Board

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Surfing is an exciting sport that is becoming popular. In that connection, it is appropriate that you purchase a stand up paddle board.

A stand up paddle board is different from the traditional kind. That is because you have to be in a standing position to enable movement of the board.

If you are in need of one, and it is your first time buying it, then it might be challenging to purchase the most suitable one because they are a variety of options in the market. Therefore, what should you go for, and what should you leave out?

Here are five tips you could use to get the best.

1. Consider your purpose

Your reason for buying a paddle board might be different from your friend’s. Therefore, you have to think about this point critically.

The thing is, paddle board have many uses including racing, doing yoga, for fun, including other reasons. Because of all these uses, the paddle boards come with various customizations to enable versatility as you use them.

For the case of yoga, for instance, you require extra space because of stretching when standing on your feet and hands. 

2. The most appropriate size

After you consider the purpose, you have to purchase a sizeable board that is suitable for what you want to use it for.

While making your choice, the size becomes a priority when compared to weight and height. However, you can use various size and weight charts on the internet to find your best option.

For a quick guide about choosing a stand up paddle boards, check the video below: 

If you are a beginner, you want something stable. Therefore, something with additional volume will work.

For those who want a paddle board for a family vacation, you may have to consider broad options since you desire something that will fit many people.

3. Which is the best brand?

Research is necessary when it comes to this point. Since you have a clue about what you require, now it is time to select the best brand.

It draws down to the company with the best reviews, especially when you search them on the internet. Different websites also offer reports on this product; do not hesitate to inquire from them. Your friends and family should also provide great advice if they engage in the sport.

When you select the most suitable brand, be sure to consider if they have excellent customer service and the price of the board.

4. Your storage capacity

You should ask yourself if you have enough space to store and transport it to your paddling destination as well.

When you consider this, you have to choose between an inflatable and Epoxy stand up paddle boards. Inflatable requires that you inflate and deflate them after use. That makes it easy to store and transport as well.

If you want to know more about the inflatable paddle boards, then check the following inflatable paddle board reviews.

For Epoxy, you need to have an ample storage space and a huge truck to transport it if the water body is far away from home.

5. Fin setups

You will find the fins just below the board. They help to propel the board in the direction that you desire.

The best ones should allow you to add extra fins if you want to have versatile movements. For instance, a two plus one installation will be crucial when making turns in the middle of a wave.

Other fin setups include quad fins where you install four fins.

Check the space below the board to see the number of fins you can add on to the main one.

Final remarks

Remember that you also require the appropriate costume for the sport. Therefore, put some money aside when preparing your budget.

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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