Top 7 Reasons for Loving Your “Lady Parts”

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Did you come out of the womb loving your female sex organs, ladies?

A lot of women struggle just saying the ‘V’ word… let alone actually loving what’s down there.

Top 7 Reasons for Loving Your Lady Parts

You may have not seen that many vaginas in your lifetime, compared to your male counterparts who compare the size of their joysticks to the other boy’s joysticks in the locker room, but I can tell you one thing – your vagina is like a beautiful flower.

No-one may have told you that though… especially with society, media, social myths, and your parents telling you not to let your hands wander down there.

So the first step in loving your vagina is to let go of all the conditioning and programming that you’ve been sold.  The second step is to start exploring your vagina and loving what you see looking back at you in the mirror.

Now, this may surprise you, but loving your va-jay-jay is more advantageous than loving your eyes or smile… and you’re about to learn why.

Loving Your Vagina:

1. Increases Self Love

Your body is like a kaleidoscope – if you see the beauty in one part of it, the remaining parts become a reflection of that beauty.  If you focus on the lack of beauty of one part, your other body parts reflect that lack of beauty that you see.  The caveat here is that whatever you see is YOUR perception, and your perception alone.

Is your perception based on lies or your truth?  Abolish the lies and choose your truth.

2. Promotes Self Awareness

The penis didn’t come with an instruction manual, but the vagina should have.  Only ¼ of the clitoris is visible and less of the vagina is actually visible.  What we call the vagina is the vaginal opening – the vaginal canal extends up inside the body.  Because our female sex organ is internal, we have to do more exploring and investigating than boys do.  This self-exploration spills over into other areas of our life as well… that is why more women are spiritual seekers and desire a deeper meaning out of life.

The more you love yourself, the more you will know yourself.

3. Enhances Connection With Your Femininity

Your vagina doesn’t look like a flower for no reason at all.  It is an extension of your feminine expression.  It is more than just a part of who you are – it IS who you are.  Your relationship to your feminine energy is a direct correlation to your relationship with your body.  If you’re not loving your body, you’re not loving your feminine energy.  This creates a myriad of ripple effects… contributing to body image issues, relationship difficulties, feelings of lack, insecurities, frustration, and even the inability to orgasm.

4. Heals Your Body

Your vagina contains reflexology points just like your feet.  When touched, loved, and nurtured, your organs (heart, spleen, kidneys, intestines, and liver) are healed.

Also, all Chinese meridians run through your sexual center, therefore if your vagina is shut down and repressed due to a lack of love, the energy that flows through the meridians (chi) will run into a roadblock.  The meridians’ destination will no longer receive the maximum amount of energy it could because of this blockage.

5. Removes The Issues In Your Tissues

Research proves that your cells are at the effect of what you think and say.  Belief systems, repetitive thoughts, feelings, emotions, past experiences, trauma and programming affect your cells, changing them from a state of ease (spherical) to a state of dis-ease (elliptical) through a process called cellular memory.  This creates a hardening of your tissues, also known as armoring.  What’s at risk here is the level of pleasure you will be able to feel – armoring desensitizes your tissues making you feel less.  What removes the issues stored in your tissues?  Love and touch.  Directing vibrations of love toward your cells will begin to transform the memory of the cells.

6. Prevents Incontinence & Prolapse

When you love your vagina, you will do whatever it takes to keep her strong, happy and healthy.  An ignored vagina will become loose over time and lead to humiliating moments.  Don’t let her embarrass you – start her on a health and wellness prevention program now.  Not only will it prevent a leaky bladder and your organs from falling out – but it will enhance your orgasms two- three- four- and more- fold!

7. Cultivates Sexual Energy

Sexual energy has been known for thousands of years as the key to longevity and vitality.  It was once named as the “fountain of youth” by the Yellow Emperor.  Where does it live?  At your perineum, between your vagina and anus, and is concentrated in your sexual organs.  You have an unlimited supply of sexual energy waiting to be used to transform your body image, relationships, bank account, and even your orgasms… but first, you must  conquer any sexually repressing beliefs or thoughts that are inhibiting it from flowing freely.  A lack of vaginal love equates to a lack of love for your sexual organs.  You must love and heal your body for sexual energy to be cultivated optimally.


So there you have it… the top 7 benefits of loving your vagina.

What 3 things can you do TODAY to show your vagina some sweet loving?

I promise you, she’ll love you back!

Orgasmical Love,
Dr. Shelly

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Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. Love this post! In my General Psychology class I have a chapter on human sexuality that’s always a LOT of fun to talk about!

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