Weekly Fitness Recap: Best Body Bootcamp – Week 2

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Goals for week 2:

  • Consume no more than 1350 calories per day
  • Eat a yogurt concoction no more than once per day

The first one goes to proper measuring which should be fine, I hope. The second goal, though is going to be harder – I rely on yogurt, I love yogurt.. yes, I eat way too much yogurt concoctions. Last week, on Sunday I had 3 yogurt concoctions. That’s 3 meals out of 4 that I had that day. So yeah, I think it’s starting to be problematic haha. I need to eat a bigger variety of foods, especially more savory foods – more normal foods, not just sweet (because that’s how I make my yogurt, obviously)


Ooof, this one kicked my butt and I kicked it right back. The full body superset workout took most of the time and I was getting really impatient on the one arm tricep kickbacks… they were just taking SO long to do! I was huffing and puffing by the end of the workout and it felt great to finally be done and have done everything with good form.

The interval workout went great – I’ve really grown to enjoy the HIIT workouts surprisingly. I enjoy it, it goes by quickly because of the constant change of pace. I did low interval at 1.5% incline and 4.0 mph and the high interval at 7.0 mph. I was sweaty and feeling great by the end.

  • calories consumed: 1350
  • yogurt concoction: 1


Oh wow, was it hard to wake up today? I’ve been having a hard time falling asleep lately and I just did not want to wake up today. I was laying in bed after the alarm got snoozed contemplating whether I would have time to work out later in the day (not really) so instead of trying to convince myself to stay in bed, I just got my butt up and went to my building’s gym – it’s an easy day anyway. I hopped on the bike for 25 minutes to do steady cardio while browsing on my iPad. I couldn’t do the full 40 minutes, my legs and hips were starting to bother me from not enough range of motion so I hopped on an elliptical. More movement, that’s more like it. I finished the cardio on there while reading Fifty Shades.

The planks killed me, my back was hurting a lot. I really need to figure out how to do planks right so that my back doesn’t get in the way.

  • Calories: 1280
  • Yogurt: 1


Today was a tough day – I struggled, not even gonna lie. But I managed to finis the full body circuit successfully. The intervals went okay too but I’m just not a huge fan of the intervals B. So much running! Ahh *exhausted*

  • Calories: 1330
  • Yogurt: 1


Today was a nice steady cardio; I did 20 minutes on the treadmill with changing pace but I kept me jogging – just changed it to faster or slower randomly, based on how I was feeling. I kept the incline at 1%. The treadmill was happening while listening to Nero. Then I jumped on the elliptical and did the rest of the time on there while reading some Fifty Shades. Finished the workout with plank work, I almost did 6 rounds of planks and my back didn’t hurt as much as it did on the last plank work.

  • Calories: 1300
  • Yogurt: 1


I went to my non-building gym… bleh. While I was happy that they have a bigger range of dumbbells – they have 12.5s, which my building’s gym doesn’t – their treadmills suck compared to ours. Anyway, the unilateral circuit was awesome – I rocked it, but didn’t feel like I was working extra hard but I did sweat a little bit when I was done. I felt like I finished it so soon too even though it took a normal amount of time. Weird.

The treadmill sucks. It doesn’t have an easy way to input the speed, or shortcuts for speed so you can only increase or decrease it gradually through the arrows which made it very hard for me to do the intervals I wanted to do. I ended up doing just 1-1 intervals that the treadmill has built in for 18 minutes and then I went on an elliptical and did the rest of the intervals on there with the resistance bumped up as the intervals. It was great. Sweaty.

  • Calories: 1350
  • Yogurt: 1 – as topping for protein pancake


Zumba time! It actually went great today, the class was very high energy and very fast paced. Just the way I like it! 🙂 And that wraps up week number 2! Woohoo!

  • Calories: 1350
  • Yogurt: 1

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. Nero always makes a workout go by faster. If I didn’t sweat and move around so much during my gym time I’d use my iPhone and listen to the Nero station on Pandora. It’s fabulous!

    As far as the planks go, it really helps to tighten your glutes and abs. It tucks your butt under and takes some of the pressure off of your back. It also makes a plank a bit easier if you’re fatigued. Hope this helps!

  2. Maybe I missed something but how did you decide on 1350 kcal level? Seems very low to me.n

    • I responded to your other comment on the previous post. I want to lose weight and my maintenance calorie allowance is around 1850-1900 according to calculations I did.

  3. omg I used to eat too much yogurt too haha lately I haven’t but that’s only because they took my favorite Chobani off the shelves… vanilla and lemon, so I’ve been just using plain and get sick of it faster haha

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