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A couple of bloggers have posted this but Katie came up with it and I’m jumping on the bandwagon because I love little surveys like this. Since MIMM is her creation as well, might as well just make it a Katie celebratory post! haha

Do you love almond butter or coconut butter more?

I’ve been loving almond butter always and I just recently tried coconut butter for the first time and I like it but it tastes too similar to shredded coconut for me. Not saying it’s bad, just saying it’s a familiar flavor. Almond butter is more different than any of the other stuff I eat so I prefer it although I try not to eat it too much cause it’s so high calorie šŸ™ I do enjoy it with many things though, likeĀ chocolate zucchini mini muffins

Currently, I tend to opt for PB2 instead šŸ™‚ I’m a volume eater, oh well. I actually like the flavor of PB2 better than regular peanut butter, haha! I go through my PB2 bags way too quickly and I love it on all kinds of things, especially pancakes and as a topping on my concoctions such as theĀ PB&J oat bran.

Do you love low intensity or high intensity workouts more?

I like both but I want to think I prefer high intensity, cause I like knowing that I’m actually doing work and I love the sweat that comes with it. DOMS definitely make me feel great about myself the following day too! But I like my low intensity elliptical cardio while reading a book too, it helps get more steps in my day while being productive! Plus slow cardio is easier to actually get done when I’m less than motivated cause it’s easier… plus once I actually start doing slow cardio, I get motivated instantly and sometimes turn it into a semi high intensity workout after all, haha.

Do you love summer or fall more?

I like all seasons, like LisaĀ said. Ā There’s something about every season that I like. Which proves that I simply wouldn’t be able to live in California – I need my seasons so that I can appreciate them all. I would not be able to live somewhere where it was warm ALL the time. So boring. I need that excitement and seeing the weather change. It’s great. But I do love Fall and I’m super excited it’s almost here. I love the foods that will finally be appropriate to make (although I’ve made some things that would be perfect for Fall in the spring and summer, who caresss), I’m specifically thinking about the Hard Cider CupcakesĀ from the beginning days of my blog.

Do you love waffles or pancakes more?

When have I ever talked about waffles on here……? Exactly.

Pancakes it is!! I find waffles too dry and hard and boring.. it’s a texture thing, I guess. But pancakes are definitely better as long as they are made healthfully. It’s unfortunate how unhealthy they can be if made commercially in a diner :/ Thankfully I’ve learned how to make them and I am obsessed with protein pancakes right now. You know this if you follow my blog haha.

The first time I ever made a pancake was an oatmeal pancake back in April.

And now I make pancakes as fun as yesterday’s superfood protein pancake which is my favorite pancake creation so far.

Do you love being lazy or being productive?

I love being productive. I love having a schedule with a set of things to do, it keeps me sane. But I do like being able to relax and lazy around as well, but only IF I’ve had a good productive day or week. I’ve had many lazy days in my time and they only make me feel worse about myself and reinforce the lazy feeling onto myself. Not fun.

Do you love apples or oranges more?

Apples. Never been much of an orange eater.

Do you love seafood or meat more?

I used to hate seafood. Hate it! Then I discovered sushi.. and fell in love. I love fish now too but I don’t get all wild and adventurous with other seafood: I’ve tried scallops and oysters – yuck. I do like fried calamari though, but that’s about it.

If I had to choose, I’d go with meat – turkey, to be exact. Beef is cool too but I barely ever eat it. I’m not much of a meat eater overall, I prefer to keep my diet mostly vegetarian or pescaterian.

Do you love being off the market or being single more?

There are pros and cons to both. It depends. I used to love being single. Now that I’m growing up and the seasons are changing and it’s gonna get colder out, I’m craving that attention and cuddly times from one man again. It does get quite lonely being by myself so much too. Le sigh.Ā 

Well, at least I can go out and have fun as much as I want without anyone complaining about it. I guess. haha

Now your turn!

Do you love summer or fall more?

Ā Do you prefer being single or off the market more?

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. Do you love summer or fall more? I love the summer more!! I like fall foods and the atmosphere of fall, oh and fall sweater and boots, but other then that I am such a summer person!!

    Do you prefer being single or off the market more? It depends on how my Husband is that day!! Sometimes I’d rather be single!! lol

  2. Your pictures always blow me away, so beautiful and delicious!

  3. I can definitely relate to the single vs. taken debate. There was a time when I really loved being single, but lately I’ve been feeling a bit more lonely and craving having somebody special to be with. Just gotta wait for the right guy to come along I guess.

    • Totally, I’m with you! And they say “don’t look for him” so I don’t but then I just sit there alone, it’s kinda sad, haha. But oh well, we’re young right? Enjoy life as is, the best way to do it.

  4. I love both, but I think fall wins my heart. I’m much more excited about it.

    I like being single. That may be the first time anyone has answered that.

  5. I love fall…clothes are cute, colors are dark, but vivid and warm, and no humidity!

    I like being off the market for now. Living alone has taught me how important it is to practice self-preservation, and I don’t think I’m down for feeling obligated to another person. Freedom is bliss ladies! Embrace being single!

  6. I love these surveys! I’m definitely a summer over fall girl but I’m excited for pumpkin!

  7. Love the survey! That’s funny about the coconut butter, because I actually HATE the flavour of shredded coconut, but love coconut butter.
    And I also like peanut flour more than PB!

    • Yes! Thank God, I thought I was the only weirdo that liked peanut flour better. It was actually pretty hard to admit haha I was ready for some hard criticisms, gladly none came (at least not out loud.. or written out anyway).

  8. Love surveys like this!
    I love fall AND summer, but it all depends on where I’m living. I think November is my favorite month in a gloomy, artistic way, but I love how bright and beautiful summer can be. As far as being off the market vs on, I’m newly single for pretty much the first time in my life (my decision!). I kind of love it, but there are times when it gets suuuper lonely (sunday afternoons, you’re the worst!)

    • Yeah, there’s the right time and place for everything I suppose. It’s all about what we truly need deep inside. I totally know what you mean about Sunday afternoons though haha I’ve been going home to the suburbs to see my parents quite a bit though on those days so that I don’t sit there by myself in my apartment all alone. It’s been fine. Thanks for stopping by Stephanie šŸ™‚

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