What foods I refuse to eat that others love

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Everyone is different – we all like different things, ranging from clothes, style, food, and more. But today, you guessed it, I’m going to be talking about food. People are often pretty amazed at the things I refuse to eat as they are often considered “delicious” by many. Especially Americans. I grew up in Poland and we didn’t eat certain things there and I simply was not exposed to some foods until I moved to the US 8 years ago. Add to the equation the fact that these foods might be unhealthy and there ya have it – why on earth would I eat it?

My list is as follows and includes many more. These are simply the things that come to mind right now. These are in no particular order.

  • BACON – Nothing about it is healthy. It’s fried, it’s gross. I can’t stand bacon. It tastes like pure animal fat. Not a fan.
  • COOKIE DOUGH – Although we obviously baked in Poland, no one ate the dough as far as I’m aware because you aren’t supposed to eat raw eggs. Salmonella and all those bacteria.. you don’t wanna get sick. I still have the “you’ll get sick” mindset and therefore refuse to eat cookie dough. The times I have tried it, I didn’t like the texture of the raw dough… and again, all I could think about was that I’m going to get sick.
  • RANCH DRESSING – After learning about how fattening this dressing is, I lost all taste for it. We didn’t have ranch in Poland and I’m glad.. I can’t say I like any creamy salad dressings. I like the flavor of veggies and don’t want to mask it by any fattening dressings or sauces.
  • OREOS – another thing we didn’t have in Poland. Although I was okay with them when I first came to the US, I read a bunch about how they put certain additive ingredients to the product to make it impossible to stop eating after one. This obviously turned me off completely and I have never touched an oreo since.
  • BISCOTTI – I just don’t like the texture. It’s too crumbly and hard.
  • McDONALD’S & OTHERS – Do I really have to explain this one? Didn’t think so.
  • FRUIT PUNCH – well, any fruit (ish) juices really. I like water and tea. Alternatively, I’ll drink water with fruit slices. I don’t like fruit juices. The only time I’ll drink fruit juice is with alcohol. Sometimes.
  • RED VELVET CUPCAKES – I don’t know but I have a strange aversion to any food that is unnaturally colored. Although I realize that you are able to make red velvet cupcakes with natural coloring, I still can’t eat it. I can’t put anything in my stomach that has a vibrant unnatural color. Also, I don’t want to eat something with the word “velvet” in the name. That’s not appetizing to me.  I want to eat food, not fabric.
  • ANY ODDLY COLORED FOOD – anything with an unnatural color to it.. I just can’t eat. See above for a reason.

I want to add that it is very easy for me to create a food aversion. I read up on the matter and if it’s unhealthy, I can really make myself dislike the food product pretty easily. I’m sure I could love oreos or bacon if I actually ate it. I’m sure the flavor is not bad. I just can’t get past the unhealthy nutritional facts. Even if there are healthier alternatives, I still can’t do it. Most of the time anyway. I might give it a try with oreos if I find a truly healthier alternative recipe. Black & White are natural colors, after all..

Kammie wants to know:

  • What are some things you dislike that others love?

  • What are some things you love that others dislike?

Let me know in the comments below!

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. Bacon?! Are you serious? My lord.

  2. It’s good to have strong convictions about eating healthy. I was wondering if I could give up any of these.. McDonalds, et al for sure, already done, but I love biscotti dipped in my coffee.. a fluffy chocolate Red Velvet Cupcake.. and Oreos.. I rarely buy but my son loves those ones. I know there are foods I won’t try as well… they’re usually the really weird seafood dishes..

    • I wouldn’t say biscotti is necessarily bad, especially since it can be healthified. I just really don’t like the texture. I feel like I’m eating a really old cookie haha.
      And I used to hate seafood, I’m slowly getting more into it, since I started eating sushi but still not as adventurous as many others are. Some of these dishes scare me too! haha

  3. Thanks for writing this post. I don’t eat those foods either. I think it’s a good idea to share. It’s so sad how bad the American diet is for us and what has become, you know, the foods that symbolize the US. Let’s change that and show we like whole foods and know how to prepare those foods because we care about the planet and taking care of ourself 🙂

    • I agree, although not all traditionally-US-based foods are bad, there are many that are. Whole foods are definitely the way to go though and I’m glad there has been a (slight) shift moving towards more organic and healthy living in the society. Hopefully it keeps up and the movement grows! Thanks for stopping by, Laura!

  4. I couldn’t agree more! It probably helps that some of those things aren’t too popular where I live. But fruit punch? Seriously? Fresh fruit juices are yummo. Except in Brazil where they would make your juice in front of you with beautiful fresh fruits and then squirt syrup all over it! I learnt to say “no sugar” in Portugese pretty quick.

  5. I admit, I love most of these things! Especially cookie dough. I just can’t help myself!

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