What I Ate: on my Pre-birthday!

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Happy birthday to meeee. Happy birthday to meee!

I cannot believe I am already 23. This is surreal. I remember starting high school like it was yesterday and now I’m only a few short months away from graduating college! This is nuts. I don’t want to be a real adult yet. I like school. I’ve always liked school. It saddens me that I will be done with it forever for now.

One thing for sure though, I will never stop learning. It’s just what I do. I learn. I love it.

Ha, only I would be able to turn a birthday post into a post about education. *nerd status*

On Sunday, I went to the suburbs to see my parents and celebrated my birthday that day. So this is what this WIAW post will be all about: how I celebrated my birthday with my parents in the suburbs. It was an awesome day!

Peas and Crayons

I woke up and had a bowl of cereal because I had a feeling the day will ensue some good eats.

www.sensualappealblog.com //  cereal

A mix of these two cereals is just glorious. I ate it with some almond + coconut milk and sprinkled with cinnamon.


When I got the suburbs a few hours later, my mom had prepared a breakfast of her own for me! She never ceases to amaze me. She made pumpkin waffles and pancakes and they were amazing! Seriously, so so good. She rocks! I topped mine with maple syrup, some jam, and whipped cream. I like sugar, leave me alone. It’s my birthday, damnit lol. 🙂

www.sensualappealblog.com // Pumpkin waffles and pancakes with whipped cream

We hung out and talked for a while until finally deciding to go see a movie.

My dad thinks there’s no point in going to the movies unless it’s for a 3D movie but he was more lenient that day since there really weren’t any 3D movies out that we could all see. I suggested This is 40, Les Miserables, and Haunted House.

Which one won?


If you haven’t seen Haunted House yet, you MUST see it! If you like comedies, this movie will have you on the floor laughing throughout the whole movie. It is so so funny! Both of my parents agreed and they said they were pleasantly surprised at how genuinely funny Haunted House was. This movie gets 2 thumbs up in my book!

We were hungry after the movie and we needed to continue the fun. It was my choice for dinner and I’ve been wanting to check out a cute restaurant in our village’s downtown, Salsa 17. I’m not a huge fan of Mexican food… I mean it’s okay but it’s a little limiting since I don’t eat much meat, but that day I was in a big mood for some fajitas so I suggested it.

The place was not very crowded so the staff was attentive and helpful. Salsa 17 has a nice decor and a really cool atmosphere. Authentic Mexican music was playing in the background and the whole feel of the restaurant seemed authentic yet modern. Salsa 17 also had a lot of options to choose from, not just your typical burritos and tacos.

Of course I went with veggie fajitas. I got pretty excited when I saw that their fajitas actually come with a lot of veggies, including zucchini, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and other veggies. The dinner was simply spectacular and I was very pleased.

photo 1

Salsa 17 rocks and I will definitely make my way back to this restaurant.

After we got home and hung out, I put on an episode of Dexter (I’m still on season 3) and my parents were kind of watching with me. They don’t entirely know what’s going on in the show and I can’t tell if they like it but I have a feeling my dad isn’t too into it because he mentioned that it’s predictable but my mom asked some questions about it so maybe she is actually interested. Who knows. I’m pretty sure they won’t go and watch it without me though.


When we finally felt like we had more room in our tummies, we went for cake! My dad bought two types of cake from the Polish deli store. I can’t say I was crazy about them. He liked them though.

www.sensualappealblog.com //  polish cake www.sensualappealblog.com //  polish cake

The second cake is called Cycki Tesciowej which is translated to “Mother-In-Law’s Boobs” hahah interesting name, huh?

I also ate a few chocolate covered dried cherry + almond clusters from Costco.

So basically, the day was filled with awesome fun and delicious foods.

I’m happy 🙂


  • What’ts the funniest named dish you’ve ever eaten?
  • Have you seen Haunted House or Paranormal Activity?


Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. Happy Birthday, Kammie!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kammie!!! May your day be filled with fun and laughter!!! Enjoy your special day!

  3. Happy birthday girl! Have a wonderful day!!

  4. Waffles AND pancakes?! Woohoo! Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday girl! Have the best day ever!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! 23 is a big one, almost mid twenties 🙂 Hope your having a great day!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! I’m almost 30 and I STILL don’t feel like an adult. Forever young! 😉

  8. Happy Birthday, girlie 😀 I’m with Laura ^^ I just turned 28 but I refuse to refer to myself as an adult… too much negative connotation associated with that term 😉

  9. Happy Birthday!! Yeah for you. I love the Mom’s Best cereals too. So good.

    • Thank you! It was my first time trying Mom’s Best cereal, it was on sale for super cheap and I wish I would have bought more! Hopefully it’s there next time I go to the store.

  10. Happy birthday Kammie! I hope you had an awesome day : )

  11. Happy birthday! All that food looks delicious!

    I nominated this blog for an award. Check it out:


  12. Happy birthday beautiful!!! I hope it was a good one, I wish you all the very very best for your 23rd year of life! It’s gonna be a big year for you with the upcoming graduation, but it certainly will be an unforgettable one in the best way possible.

    I LOVE Dexter, but the best season by far is the first one. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the show! Also, my favorite Russian cake is Napoleon…soo flaky, creamy, and delicious.

    • Yum Napoleon sounds like I had it before but then again I suck with names so I might have not had it. The description sounds familiar though but then again, a lot of European cakes tend to sound like this haha.

      I heard the best season of Dexter was the 6th. So we’ll see how it continues on! Are you all caught up with the series?

  13. Sounds like you had a super happy pre-birthday which you totally deserve! yay!

  14. Happy birthday!!! I can’t believe your dad thought Dexter was predictable!!!!!! In.sane. Just wait, love…you have *NO IDEA* what’s coming, trust me 😉

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