What I Ate Wednesday: Recent Eats

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Hello friends! It’s another Wednesday and I have some announcements before we jump into my recent eats. Nomz. I know you can’t wait, you and your hungry eyes. Haha, I know, I know.. I love Wednesdays for that same very reason. Thanks Jenn!

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Nice, okay, now onto the eats:
Peas and Crayons

Recent eats from the week — again, I didn’t record eats for one particular day but rather I just recorded some random eats from the past few days, I guess it’s whenever I had the dSLR nearby or when I really wanted to snap and Instagram a pic of something. Enjoy!

Recent breakfast: S’mores oatbran. So so yummy!

Recent lunch: overnight apple pie oats – I missed overnight oats in a jar. I love that I have these cute little jars now – they are the perfect size for this!

Recent lunch: 2 open faced sandwiches with turkey and baby swiss cheese, one topped with Polish pickles and ketchup, the other topped with tomatoes from my parents’ garden. Yes, they still managed to get some before it got extremely cold out so suddenly.

Recent snack: CarbRite bar in chocolate mint cookie. Not my favorite flavor but still yummy – and the mint/chocolate thing is a good way to get in the mood for December, coming soon, oh so soon.

Recent snack: These Quest Cravings peanut butter cups the company sent me a while back.. I have to admit I really disliked them at first. They didn’t really taste much like Reese’s to me. Plus I hate that they are 240 calories for two cups, that is just so many calories for two little tiny cups. But then I recently had some again (after not touching it for a while) and I think the taste has grown on me and it does satisfy my craving for candy. It also gives a lovely boost of protein (21g), there has been no sugar used in there, and they are low carb. So it’s pretty cool. If only they were lower in calories…

Recent dessert: On Friday afternoon, I treated myself… first of all, I had a cappucino truffle from Godiva because of their free chocolate a month thing for being a member – amazing and delicious. I think I almost melted. It was that good.

Then, I went to get some Starfruit Cafe – my one love, frozen kefir shop. I opted for apple pie and coconut flavors. They don’t necessarily go together but I loved both and I wanted both. It was glorious. Topped with berries and cinnamon, of course. I love this healthy dessert. The best.

Recent dessert: More FROYO LOVE! What else is new… When I was in the burbs on Sunday, my parents and I went to Menchie’s and I got chocochella, pumpkin, and pure chocolate flavors topped with berries, graham cracker dust, and some pink bubbly ball thingies which tasted really good. No idea what they were though. lol

What’s your favorite thing you ate yesterday?

What’s your favorite energy / protein bar?

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. cleanfoodcreativefitness

    That smores oat bran looks amazing! Best way to get chocolate in for breakfast!

  2. Omg MENCHIE’S!!!! That’s my favorite yogurt place ever, but I’ve only been in Denver! I know there are a few here in Chicago but they’re all in the north/northeast suburbs and I’m never out that way.

  3. love me some fro-yo! i’m still working on my paleo brownies!!

  4. Wow. Everything looks wonderful.

  5. S’mores oatbran looks awesome!!!

    I loved the chickpea curry I had today 🙂

  6. omg those smore oatbran look amazinggggg and so does your lunch.. and well duh fro yo always looks so good! I never heard of superpoints i’m going to have to look into that! thanks for sharing!

  7. mmmm smores oatbran! such a good idea yum yum!

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